Christmas Advent Calendars for Kids They’re Sure to Love

The holiday season is closer than you think. It may seem early to start thinking about Christmas, but Advent calendars are already flying off the shelf—and for good reason.

Advent calendars can be fun! They’re way more fun than the boring, chocolate-filled ones that we used to have growing up. Advent calendars are a great way to build excitement and anticipation for the holidays. This is evident in the 2021 selection. No matter how the kids are doing, it doesn’t matter if you have them on your list. Gift listPrefer Star WarsWe offer a variety Advent calendars to suit everyone’s needs.

1. A calendar for Star Wars fans

This Lego Star WarsAdvent Calendar will be the most loved toy of the season.

It is suitable for all ages6 and up

Wondering how Baby Yoda looks in a Christmas sweater? This Lego set is inspired The Mandalorian, it’s also very festive. These Star Wars Lego calendars are very popular. This awesome 335-piece building set has favorite characters and their nemeses, as well as cool mini ride-ons to create iconic scenes from the show. If you’re looking for just the right Advent calendar for your Star Wars fan, “this is the way.”

Star Wars: Get the Star Wars The MandalorianAmazon Advent Calendar for $39.99

2. Advent calendar for wizards as well as muggles

Credit: Reviewed / Tara Jacoby/Harry Potter

The Harry Potter Funko Calendar features all the characters from this series.

It is suitable for all ages6 and up

Potterheads will love this 24-piece Advent calendar more than any Quidditch game. Children will love opening each window to reveal their 2-inch collectible pops, which include their favorite Potterverse characters such as Harry, Hermione, Ron and Hagrid. After all the pops have been shown, the cover can be removed and the pop up scenery can then be played with.

Amazon has the Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar for $39.99

3. An Advent calendar that takes you straight to the toy store

Playmobil Advent calendars are a great option. We can’t pick one!

It is suitable for all ages4-10

The elves really are at work! Bring Santa’s workshop home with this adorable Advent calendar that’s filled with all sorts of exciting toys and presents to get their imagination going. Once all the pieces are identified, Santa and his Elfs can load the sleigh so they can deliver the toys.

Get the Playmobil Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar at Amazon for $49.99

4. An Advent calendar for your Minnie Mouse fan

As the days go by, Minnie becomes more fashionable.

It is suitable for all ages3 and above

Do you know someone who is a Minnie Mouse enthusiast? This Disney Minnie Mouse Advent calendar will steal her heart with 24 days of fashion, fun and accessories. This calendar comes with a posable figurine, outfits, shoes, and stylish extras like sunglasses, purses, and—because Minnie is a modern woman—even a tiny latte for when she’s jetting off to be your every day icon.

Amazon offers the Minnie Mouse Disney Advent Calendar starting at $34.99

5. Unboxing surprise: #OOTD (Outfit-of-the-Day)

An L.O.L. Doll Advent calendar

Credit: MGA Entertainment

This Advent calendar includes a limited edition collectible L.O.L. doll.

It is suitable for all ages4 to 15

Advent just got intense thanks to this updated L.O.L. Unboxing the doll’s calendar. The doll comes with a collectible Jet Set QT and outfits and accessories that will make it look amazing for the holidays.

Get the L.O.L. Amazon has the Surprise Outfit of The Day Advent Calendar for $30.99

6. Advent calendar in cool colors, Barbie fans

Barbie will not leave you out in the fashion department. These cute bracelets double as charms with Barbie’s accessories!

It is suitable for all ages3 and above

This Barbie Color Reveal Advent Calendar comes with a full-sized Color Reveal Barbie doll. The doll’s adventure continues for the next 24hrs after she transforms colors. Each panel can be removed to make a miniature winter wonderland village Barbie will love. Bonus: Barbie’s accessories also double as charms that can be used to make a DIY bracelet for kids.

Get the Barbie Color Reveal Advent Calendar starting at $29.99

7. An Advent calendar to celebrate the fidget-toy movement

The trend is big with pop-it and fidget toys. They will be loved and used for 24 hours by children.

It is suitable for all ages4 and higher

This fidget toys countdown Calendar features a variety squishes and pop-its. These toys are trendy, and will appeal to all ages. These toys include popular avocado shapes and holiday-themed doo-dads. These toys will make your child stand out in the playground.

Amazon offers the Fidget Advent Calendar starting at $26.99

8. A calendar for the creative child

It’s easy to create a month filled with fun crafts using a countdown calendar.

It is suitable for all ages6 and up

Do you know someone who is a bit of a crafty person? This Advent calendar is for them. This calendar includes a 24-day countdown with craft ideas and essentials for DIY to get kids’ creativity flowing. You will love decorating your home in winter with these ornament-making and tabletop decorating tips that are perfect for children.

Amazon has the DIY Arts & Crafts Advent Calendar for only $39

9. A STEM-inspired Advent Calendar

This science kit includes STEM learning to combat holiday brain-drain.

It is suitable for all ages8 and above

This Advent calendar is full of experiments and is ideal for your little elf. This kit includes simple science activities as well as instructions, and an idea book. This kit has everything you need for making this holiday season scientific.

Amazon’s Crazy Scientist Advent Calendar is $39

10. Advent calendar for Thomas lovers

This set includes six Thomas the Train pieces.

It is suitable for all ages3 and above

This Advent calendar allows little conductors and engineers to create all their railway dreams. This calendar includes 24 push-along Thomas miniaturefigures, six holiday themed toys, and 24 Thomas miniature-figures. Every day they open a flap their train will grow, ending with a full set of friendly-faced trains, as well as add-on cars and a caboose.

Amazon has the Thomas the Train Advent Calendar for $39.99

11. An Advent calendar for little hands

This set is an excellent choice for a first Advent Calendar.

It is suitable for all ages1 and up

This could be baby’s first Advent calendar. This adorable countdown calendar is ideal for curious little hands. It includes 24 chunky figures that are easy for little hands to grasp and can be used throughout the year. With miniature versions of Santa, Mrs. Claus, and even a reindeer, this set is perfect for starting a little one out with some holiday spirit.

BuyBuyBaby’s Fisher Price Little People Advent calendar for $37.99

12. A very merry Pikachu calendar

Gotta catch ’em all!

It is suitable for all ages4 and higher

With this Pokémon Advent calendar, you’ve gotta catch ’em all! This holiday-themed collection of collectable characters features a Christmas tree that can be assembled to spread holiday cheer as well as two 2-inch figurines that can be used throughout the year. You’ll never know which Pokémon is hiding behind each door. 

Get the Pokémon Holiday Advent Calendar at Amazon for $49.99

13. Advent calendar An Elf on A Shelf

He will keep an eye on you and leave toys every night.

It is suitable for all ages3 and above

This train-style Advent Calendar is sure to be a hit even if Elf on a Shelf or Santa Claus are your favorite Christmas toys. Each holiday train car opens to reveal an adorable mini toy elfin. Each of the four train cars has a theme—the Sweet Shop, Snow Much Fun, Puppy Love Elf Pets, and ‘Tis The Season—and they all have stickers and pop-outs to enjoy.

Get the Elf on a Shelf holiday train Advent calendar at Amazon for $54.97

14. An Advent calendar for Yule Ball celebration

This calendar includes a miniature Beauxbaton’As well as a centerpiece for an ice-castle, a carriage.

It is suitable for all ages 7 and higher

Harry Potter fans will find Christmas magical this year. Wizards and muggles alike will love celebrating the holiday Yule Ball with miniature Lego versions of Harry, Hermione, Ron and friends. This calendar features buildable models such as a miniature Beauxbatons carriage and ice-castle centerpiece table. As the big day gets closer, kids can recreate spellbinding holiday scenes in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts—including the enchanting Yule Ball.

Amazon offers the Lego Harry Potter Advent calendar for $38.70

15. A calendar for Advent that promotes kindness

The Be Kind advent Calendar is full with good deeds.

It is suitable for all ages6 and up

The Be Kind Advent Calendar makes a great gift for people who are tired of holiday shopping. This sentimental and sweet calendar encourages good deeds, and encourages children to be grateful and reflective over the holidays. Each token is inscribed to show kindness and can be used every year to start a tradition that fosters charity, community and gratitude. has the Be Kind Advent calendar for $19.95

16. An Advent calendar for Lego friends

We love the action features on the accessories and figures.

It is suitable for all ages6 and up

This Lego FriendsSet features a cool countdown timer and many other fun features. As you would expect, there are adorable micro-dolls and figures, as well as cool accessories and buildable winter toys. You might be surprised at the fun play features: The rolling Pin spins and the blender arm lifts. The oven door opens for imaginative play.

Amazon has the Lego Friends Advent Calendar for $29.95

17. An Advent calendar specifically designed for car racing

Child playing with Hot Wheels advent calendar.

Credit: Hot Wheels / Mattel

Hot Wheels 2021 Advent Calendar will get your engines revving for a fun holiday season.

It is suitable for all ages3 and above

It’s a holly, jolly Hot Wheels kind of holiday. The Hot Wheels 2021 Advent calendar will get their engines revving for a fun holiday countdown. This calendar includes eight Hot Wheels vehicles, a foldout winter-themed play mat and 16 cars and accessories for each day—including Frosty, the Abominable Snowman, and Santa’s sleigh.

Get the Hot Wheels 2021 advent calendar on Amazon for $19.99

18. A classic wooden Advent calendar

24 magnetic advent calendars by Melissa & Doug are now available. “ornaments”.

It is suitable for all ages2 and above

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Advent Calendar has been a huge success every year. Children of all ages love the Advent calendar. It has glittery magnetic ornaments and a holiday star at its top. This traditional wooden tree can be mounted using magnets to make it a stunning decoration for any holiday mantle.

Amazon offers the Melissa and Doug Wooden Advent Calendar for $22.99

19. A calendar for pretty primpers.

Advent calendar with lots and lots of make-up

It is suitable for all ages3 and above

This Advent calendar is perfect for children who love primping. They’ll be sittin’ pretty with all of the fun cosmetic options for little ones who like to get gussied up. We love the cute nail stickers, and the glitter glosses, all of which zip up in a stylish little carry bag.

Amazon has the My First Makeup Advent Calendar for $28.49

20. A calendar for dino-obsessed people

Do your children dream about jurassic worlds for their future?

It is suitable for all ages3 and above

Are they only interested in dinosaurs? If you have a child who is a dino-expert, they’ll love having 24 days of dinosaur surprises with this countdown calendar. The calendar can be used for display or play as a Jurassic-style backdrop once the dinosaur menagerie has been revealed.

Amazon’s Dinosaur Figure Counterdown Calendar is $39.99

21. A super slimy calendar

This 24-day countdown calendar illustrates just how creative slime can become.

It is suitable for all ages4 and higher

Slime never got so creative. Your slime lover will be wowed by this 24-day countdown of slimes and fun add ins that they can work and create with to their heart’s content. You can use every slime immediately to get instant gratification. You can personalize the slime with fun sparkles, confetti, and other accessories.

Amazon has the Fantastic Slime Advent Calendar for only $21.98

22. Cool calendar for the CarsFan

This calendar will inspire them and make them daydream about race days.

It is suitable for all ages4 and higher

Almost all children experience something similar. Cars phase. This calendar will make yours roar with joy if they’re currently deep in their’s. Radiator Springs friends and other Radiator Springs people have created this calendar to create a track for car racing and the Piston Cup. 

Get the Disney Experience CarsMini Advent Calendar from Amazon for $44.71

23. A sweet Advent calendar that is suitable for a prince/princess

It’s a royal paradise!

It is suitable for all ages4-10

A royal picnic is the perfect gift for your princess- or prince-loving child. Playmobil Advent sets are beloved for their interactivity. This spread, which includes 24 pieces and figures is perfect for inspiring spellbinding play well beyond the holiday. 

Amazon has the Playmobil Royal Picnic Advent Calendar for $24.99

24. An AvengersAdvent calendar

This set includes seven mini-figs and fun accessories.

It is suitable for all ages4-10

This super hero-packed calendar really packs a punch (and a kick, and a spin kick, and a jump kick, and more). Each door reveals seven mini figures: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain Marvel, Thanos, and Nick Fury, as well as exciting accessories and amazing items from the Marvel Universe. You’ll also find adorable Marvel-themed gifts to celebrate the holidays, since even super heroes have to take some time to celebrate.

Get the Lego Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar at Amazon for $39.95

25. Pusheen Advent Calendar – A purrfect Pusheen Advent Calendar

You can count down until a purrfectly cuddly countdown.

It is suitable for all ages3 and above

This adorable Pusheen Advent Calendar makes a great gift for collectors as much as it is for little ones. The Pusheen Advent Calendar is a favorite among little ones. This adorable 12-piece set features cuddly friends as well as a sturdy cardboard box that doubles up as a backdrop. 

Amazon has the Gund Pusheen 12-day Advent Calendar for $104.95

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Christmas Advent Calendars for Kids They’re Sure to Love

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