Celebrate the Lunar New Year With LEGO’s Year of the Tiger Sets

The Lunar New Year—sometimes referred to as the Chinese New Year, although these celebrations are not just traditionally Chinese—begins on Tuesday, February 1, and marks the start of the Year of the Tiger. The Lunar New Year is celebrated on the second full lunar day after the winter solstice. The date changes each year. To celebrate the Year of the Tiger. LEGO has released a range of sets for children to play with and learn about the season’s traditions.

There are many Lunar New Year celebrations. The LEGO collection highlights this, with eight buildable scenes that feature DUPLO sets. Although some LEGO sets have been sold, there are still plenty of options for learning.


The 1519-piece Ice Festival scene costs $120 and is the largest brick-building set we have. LEGO siteAnd Amazon. The snowy scene’s center shows a ski slope that runs into a frozen lake where characters can play hockey and ride in a penguin-shaped sled. It comes with 13 minifigures. These include an ice-sculptor (sweet potato vendor), and even a penguin. One minifigure is dressed in a tiger costume to honor the Year of the Tiger. The scene features a sweet potato stand for the vendor and a rental equipment store. A photo booth is also available.

For another impressive set, there’s the Lunar New Year Traditions 1066-piece displayThe set includes 12 minifigures. It is available to purchase starting at $80 from Amazon. This scene depicts six traditional activities that take part during this time. hongbao, a practice wherein red envelopes filled with money are exchanged—typically from older to younger generations, bosses to employees, or students to teachers.

If you feel overwhelmed by a set with over 1,000 bricks, there are many smaller projects which you can take on. Here is an example. DUPLO Happy Childhood Moments Two-in-One SetLEGO, $100) designed to help preschoolers learn about the Lunar New Year and prepare for kindergarten. This scene is reminiscent a home’s interior. It also includes daily tasks like cleaning and cooking. The collection also includes a few figures and animals for those who want to make life easier. lucky catAlso, Person wearing a lion costume Get ready to dance the traditional Chinese Dance (both $10 at Lego) Three pandasLEGO:

Learn more about Lunar New Year. LEGO’s latest collectionIn honor this time of year.

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Celebrate the Lunar New Year With LEGO’s Year of the Tiger Sets

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