Boba Fett Is Playable In More Star Wars Games Than You’d Think


The next series will be released. The Book of Boba Fett coming to Disney+, it’s a good time to explore the infamous bounty hunter’s many playable appearances in video games. He made his debut in the infamous Star Wars:Boba Fett, the Holiday Special, has been a force for good in the galaxy far away. His cool demeanor, advanced weaponry and appearances in The Empire Strikes Back would make him a household favorite.

Boba FettJango Fett genetic clone, and his adopted child. This opens up many story possibilities. Most cases, Boba Fett acts as more as an anti-hero than a villain, and it’s easy to see why audiences are so drawn to his enigmatic aura. His tragic childhood is revealed in Attack of the Clones (in which Jango Fett’s father is killed by Mace Windu). It will be fascinating watching how The Book of Boba FettHis story can be illuminated.

Star Wars often features FettHis Mandalorian armor, jetpack and trusty EE-3 carbine rifle were worn in videogames. He made his debut on the NES with The Empire Strikes Back in 1991. He appears in the game to defeat Bespin. He made his first appearance in a a Boba Fett videogame. Star Wars: Boba appearsShadows of the Empire, Star Wars Trilogy and Star Wars Trilogy Arcade. This, however, is a list of all the games that allow players to take up the helm of the notorious bounty hunter himself.

Star Wars Chess (1993)

One of Fett’s less known appearances is in the Star Wars Chess Game1993. This game allows players the option to choose between the republic or empire and then defeat their opponent. Boba Fett is the queen in this game, which is quite the compliment considering the queen’s movement options. Although the game was widely criticised for being slow-paced it actually worked. Include a wide range of animations that allow the player to see some of Boba Fett’s powerful weaponry in action.

Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi (1997)

Boba Fett was an interesting character from Star Wars:Masters of Teras Kasi. His combat style was primarily with the use of his fists. His vast array of equipment allowed him to gain an advantage in battle. He used his rifle and thermal bombers to do so. While the game wasn’t wildly successful, it is the only real way to play as Boba Fett in a fighting game, so it’s at least unique in that regard.

Star Wars: Monopoly (1997)

Star Wars: Monopoly for the PC was exactly what it sounds like: Monopoly with Star Wars characters. Boba FettThis is only one of eight characters you can play in this board game crossover. He doesn’t use any of his signature weapons as Monopoly is a game about property acquisition rather than violence. His model is very accurate in the game. There are even full-motion clips taken from the movies.

Star Wars: Demolition (2000)

Star Wars: Demolition - Wikipedia

Star Wars:Demolition, which was a game about vehicular combat, was released on Dreamcast and PlayStation 2. Boba was playable in this game, but unlike the other characters, he didn’t have access to a vehicle. He instead used his Jetpack to navigate and destroy enemy vehicles. Although it may seem odd that he wasn’t equipped with a vehicle it is still quite cool to see him taking on vehicles. Star Wars.

Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing (2001)

Star Wars:Super Bombad Racing is a promotion title of The Phantom Menace. However, Boba Fett surprises everyone. You can pilot Boba and Slave 1 across high-octane race systems in the galaxy. He and an adult Darth Vader are the only featured characters in the game that don’t appear in The Phantom Menace.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2 – Rogue Leader (2001).

Certainly one of Boba’s more memorable appearances, Star Wars:Rogue Squadron 2 – Rogue Leader allows you to pilot Slave 1 in intense spaceship dogfights. The Slave 1 model can be customized as the game allows. players to see the ship’s cockpit. It also includes an alternate version of the ship that resembles Jango’s Slave 1 from Attack of the Clones.

Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Series (2005 – Present).

Boba Fett appears in Every Lego Star Wars title to date. The first game, which was released in 2005, was the only one. Boba FettAs a child. His ability to reach small spaces was vital for discovering hidden secrets. Lego Star Wars2 The Original Trilogy introduced the concept to the world for the first time. Boba Fett is now available in lego Videogame version:Bounty hunter. To build his way through Lego galaxyHe can use his bounty hunter, blaster, jetpack credentials.


Boba would then become playable in Lego Star Wars3 The Clone Wars Lego Star Wars4: The Complete Saga. He will also appear in the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game.

Star Wars Battlefront original series (2004)-2007

Gameplay in Star Wars: Battlefront. The objective is to eliminate all enemy forces or capture all command posts (seen in red in the background).

Although the first game of the series released in 2004, Boba didn’t make an appearance in the Star Wars Battlefront series until Star Wars: Battlefront 2 released in 2005. Boba is available in first- and third-person shootouts. He has access to his blaster, wrist rockets, and jetpack. Later, he would appear in Star Wars:Renegade Squadron in the PSP He would still have most his weapons and movement options. It’s an excellent addition to the Boba FettGame, and is still very playable.

Kinect Star Wars (2012)

Boba Fett is a dancing character in Kinect Star Wars’ Galactic Dance-off minigame. He doesn’t really utilize any of his equipment in this version. He just dances. However, it’s still a pretty unique experience that allows the player to copy the bounty hunter’s dance moves using Kinect motion controls.

Disney Infinity 3.0 (2015)

Boba is a playable character in Disney’s action-adventure sandbox game Disney Infinity 3.0. It’s a pretty faithful rendition of Boba that allows players to use Boba’s blaster, fire rockets, and fly around using his jetpack. The game also includes a flyable Slave 1 version for those who love Boba. This is the best method to use Slave 1 in a videogame.

Star Wars Battlefront reboot (2015)-2017

You can play Boba Fett in the most modern and current way possible by using the Star Wars Battlefront reboot released in 2015 and its sequel released in 2017 He again wields his EE-3 Blaster Rifle and also has abilities that allow him to use his wrist rockets and flame thrower. Star Wars Battlefront 2 offers the latest way to play as Boba in Star Wars official video games, and while he’ll surely appear in future Star Wars game titles, this is a solid good way to tide Boba Fett fans over until his next major game release.

Boba Fett Is Playable In More Star Wars Games Than You’d Think

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