Beyblade Burst Turbo SlingShock rail rush fight set up to 30%

Black Friday is the perfect time to start shopping for Christmas gifts, as it’s only a few weeks away. Whether you’re searching for the right gifts for your friends and family or planning on treating yourself, don’t miss out on Black Friday: All the Deals! You won’t want the Beyblade Burst Battle Set to pass up on this amazing deal! This is the perfect Christmas gift!

Beyblade Turbo Shock Rail Rush Battle Set for Black Friday is here!


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Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Rail Rush Battle Set: On Sale Now


List Price: $36.99

Deal Price: $25.49 (30% Discount)

This is what Black Friday can offer Beyblade fight set for 30% off$25.49 (originally price: $36.99). This new dual rail system, which is the best in its class, will provide all the action that you desire from Beyblade.

The latest battle set includes two right-spin tops and 2 right/left spin rocketers. This will allow tournament fighting to reach a new level. The new dual rail system allows you to launch your launchers into the Rail Rush Battle Ring and through the rails for intense head-to–head clashes.

You can choose from two modes with the SlingShock Battle Set. You can convert your launchers in Slingshock Mode so you can charge into battle, or defend yourself in Beystadium by using the Battle Ring Mode. This battle set is a great way for you to improve your battle skills and race into battle.

Black Friday is a great day to take advantage this amazing 30% discount and give this fun gift to your children under the Christmas tree.

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