Best Minecraft toys and gifts 2021

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the best Xbox games (and best games in general), and has earned its title with years of constant support and a loyal community of dedicated players. Minecraft is much more than a videogame. It has grown into a brand with many ways for Minecraft fans to express their love through toys, books, and other gifts. Minecraft is a hugely popular game with a wide range of merchandise. We searched for the best Minecraft toys and gifts and compiled a list.

Minecraft Minecoin Gift Card Reco

Unlock new worlds:Minecraft Minecoins

For players

Minecraft features the Minecraft Marketplace, which includes countless community-created worlds, items, and more to elevate the Minecraft experience to new levels. Minecraft players can unlock new ways to play using Minecoins.

Minecraft The Dragon Novel Reco Image

A series of books:Minecraft official novels

For readers

Many people may not be aware that Minecraft has actually spawned a full series of professionally written official novels, which currently numbers at nine books from a variety of authors (even Max Brooks, the author of World War Z!). Pick up the latest Minecraft novels either from Kindle or physically.

  • From $10 at Amazon (Series)
  • From $12 at Amazon (Latest)
  • Minecraft Lego The Creeper Mine Reco Image

    Endless possibilities:LEGO Minecraft

    For builders

    LEGO is already one of the best gift options for children and adults alike, and the company’s long-time collaboration with Minecraft makes this even more true. There’s a wide collection of LEGO Minecraft sets available, from smaller beginner sets to expensive and complicated builds.

    Minecraft Builders And Biomes Reco Image

    Strategy board game:Minecraft Builders & Biomes

    The perfect marriage between video games and board games, Minecraft Builders & Biomes is a strategy board game aimed at being accessible to children yet engaging for older board game enthusiasts. With great build quality and excellent reviews, this is an awesome option.

  • $35 at Amazon
  • $35 at Walmart
  • Minecraft Funko Pop Figure Reco Image

    Collectible figures:Minecraft Funko POP

    Funko POP! Funko POP! Figures are one of the most collectible pieces of pop culture at the moment. Funko has a line that features exclusive Minecraft figures, modeled after popular Minecraft characters like Steve. Funko Minecraft POP! figures aren’t always the easiest to find, now, but they’re perfect for any collector.

    Minecraft Uno Card Game Reco Image

    Themed fun:UNO Minecraft Edition

    UNO is an infamous card game that has been responsible for many a fun family night, and now it’s available decked out with an awesome-looking Minecraft theme. All of the Minecraft favorites make an appearance, including Steve, creepers, Endermen, and more.

  • $6 at Amazon
  • $6 at Walmart
  • Minecraft Life Size Sword Reco Image

    Lifesize toys:Minecraft sword and pickaxe

    Minecraft features a ton of in-game tools and weapons for players to equip, and now you can equip them in real life too. These lifesize toys look and feel great, with the sword making realistic sounds as it’s played with and the second sword being able to transform into a pickaxe with the flick of a wrist.

  • $45 at Amazon (Sword)
  • $54 at Amazon (Sword & pickaxe)
  • Minecraft Sticker Survival Reco

    Sticky situation:Minecraft sticker books

    Plenty of kids adore a good collection of stickers, and sticker books have their own sense of collectability. There are several official Minecraft sticker books that you can choose from. Each has its own theme, including Survival Mode, the Nether and End and Aquatic Update.

    Minecraft Creeper Twin Bed Set Reco Image

    Explosive bed:Minecraft Creeper twin bed set

    If your child is a Minecraft fanatic, personalize their bedroom and their sleep with a four-piece Minecraft Creeper set for twin beds. Including a comforter, sheets, and a pillowcase all themed with Minecraft’s most iconic mob, this is the ultimate bedtime gift.

    $70 at Amazon

    Minecraft Thermos Funtainer Reco

    Hot and cold:Minecraft Thermos

    Thermos containers have long been the go-to for people looking to snack on the go, and offer yet another way to express yourself and your interests. Thermos offers two Minecraft-themed containers, depending on how large of a size you need (or if you’re prioritizing food or drink).

  • $20 at Amazon (10 oz.)
  • $28 at Amazon (12oz.
  • Minecraft Thermos Dual Lunch Box Reco Image

    Lunch in style:Minecraft lunch box

    Thermos doesn’t just make their classic containers. They also make lunch boxes in two different sizes, and they’re also available in a simple-yet-fantastic creeper theme. If you’re looking for the perfect Minecraft-flavored set of containers for your meals, look no further.

    Minecraft Creeper Throw Blanket Reco Image

    Merch for all:Minecraft official apparel

    There’s an endless amount of merch and apparel available for Minecraft, but one of the highest quality and complete collections comes from Bioworld, which includes shirts, sweatshirts, and masks for children and adults, backpacks, blankets, and a handful of other accessories.

    Endless choices

    Searching for the perfect Minecraft-themed toy or gift can be a daunting task with so many available options in numerous categories, but we’ve pulled together some of the best for any Minecraft fan. Whether you’re a Minecraft collector, an avid reader, a LEGO or board game fan, or you simply want to show off your love of Minecraft with merch or accessories, there’s something here for you. Minecraft Minecoins is a particularly fantastic gift, as Minecraft is, at its core, a video game, and Minecoins lets players unlock entirely new worlds and enable their every creative desire.

    Back in the real word, you can’t go wrong with Minecraft’s official novels or Minecraft LEGO sets, which offer alternative ways to engage with Minecraft’s ever-expanding worlds while using your brain. Readers have plenty of high-quality and professionally written Minecraft novels to pour over, while LEGO has a wide collection of Minecraft sets for beginner builders and longtime collectors both.

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    Best Minecraft toys and gifts 2021

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