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Which Medicom toys are the most popular?

Medicom Toy Incorporated, which is a Japanese manufacturer of toys, is known for their highly detailed action figures and other collectibles. They’ve been in operation since 1996 but have shot into the spotlight in recent years with their BearBrick toys. These bear-like figures are a popular staple in streetwear and collectible culture. These action figures not only include BearBrick, they also feature many other important pop culture figures, such as professional athletes or movie stars. 

The best Medicom Toy is: Lebron James Action FigureThis photo shows the iconic NBA star in a poseable form, wearing a Lakers fabric uniform. 

What you should know before purchasing a Medicom toy


Characters from popular films are a favorite for Medicom’s toy designers. These films, which can be old or modern, are always in the top ten most-watched movies. “The Dark Knight” has several Medicom toys that include Harvey Dent right after a fire burned off half of his face, plus there’s Batman himself in toy form played by Christian Bale. Superheroes in general often appear in Medicom action figure form — from Superman and Aquaman to Deadpool and the Joker. 

Pop culture figures

Medicom used many popular figures as inspiration for toys, apart from the ones from films. Woodstock and Snoopy have a figure, as does Big Bird from Sesame Street. Medicom also holds rights to Disney figures. Toy figures have been created of Jiminy Cricket, Mickey Mouse, and Pinnochio. There’s also a series of anime figures like Goku from “Dragonball Z”Levi “Attack on Titan.”


BearBrick is Medicom’s claim to fame. These bear figures can reach up to 2 feet in height and range in height from a few inches up to a few feet. Although originally intended for toys, bears have evolved into cultural treasures. Medicom has invited prominent streetwear companies and artists around the world to collaborate on limited BearBricks lines. Figures were created and donated by Anti Social Social Club (Chanel, Toyota, and Toyota).

What are the key features to look for in a Medicom doll?


Articulation refers to the ability to move an action figures. Whether you’re able to move their arms and legs or adjust their head to look in different directions, articulation is very important in high-quality action figures. Collectors can make lifelike poses and display shelves that allow them to interact one with the other. 


Accessories are another way to improve the quality of your Medicom toys. Accessories, similar to articulation, allow you create a more realistic display. Lebron James can carry a Spalding NBA Basketball in his hand, as an example. Harvey Dent, John Wick and Robocop all have weapons. Jiminy Cricket even owns an umbrella and a medal. 

Limited editions

Medicom toys are unique because they have exceptional quality and high detail. BearBricks, a popular Medicom toys, are often only available in limited editions. Collectors try to collect as many Medicom toys and games as possible. Medicom was also used “blind box” sales, which means sometimes the purchaser can receive an item without knowing what’s in the box. This allows you to receive a rare item, but it could also mean that you receive a very common item. 

What is the average price for a Medicom doll

Medicom toys are priced between $125 – $190

Medicom Toy FAQ

Why are Medicom toys collectible?

A. Medicom releases their toys in a limited capacity, meaning they aren’t widely available, even upon their initial release. They also “blind box” packaging which prevents the buyer from knowing what toy they’re going to receive. This encourages collectors to trade with other enthusiasts. 

What’s the rarest BearBrick figure?

A.BearBrick collectible figurines of bears are very rare. Due to their limited availability, collaboration with brands and artists, they are very rare. These include Hajime, the illustrator, as well as Daniel Arsham.

What are the best Medicom toys to buy?

Top Medicom Toy

Lebron James Action Figure

What you really need: This LeBron James Medicom doll shows the Lakers’ superstar in a fully posed pose.

What you’ll love: James can jump, shoot, and run down the court. The toy comes with an official-looking Spalding NBA basketball and two interchangeable heads — one with a determined look and the other with a normal resting face. James’ jersey is made with real cloth. 

What you need to know It is possible to move your arms and legs but it does not affect the natural appearance of your muscles. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Medicomtoy for the Money

Medicom The Return of Superman – Cyborg Superman Action Figure

What you really need: This action figure depicts Superman as a halfcyborg. 

What you’ll love: Superman’s face is split, with one half showing a cyborg and the other showing his normal face. The body is also divided but on alternating sides. A weapon and a cape are attached to his body. The weapon emits lasers that are short and plastic. 

What you need to know This isn’t actually Superman but a look-alike cyborg version.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Medicom Robocop Action Figure

Medicom Robocop Action Figurine

What you really need: RoboCop in his vintage appearance in this action figure, 6 inches tall, from 1987’s film. 

What you’ll love: There are two separate RoboCops that can be created — pre-battle and post-battle. The armor worn after a battle has bullet holes and is cracked. This figure includes a pistol as well as a small piece of plastic which looks similar to the muffle flash.

What you need to know It is composed of many small pieces that can easily get lost if they aren’t stored properly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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