Best Calico Critters Furniture in 2022


Which Calico Critters furniture is the best?

Calico Critters small plastic animal figurines have soft and warm flocked covers. Calico Critters furniture displays a warm and engaging look that comes from living a happy life. They live in Calico City’s cottages, townhouses, and country homes.

Calico Critters are only 2 or 3 inches tall, making them the ideal size for a playset or dollhouse for little children. The 17-piece Calico Critter Living Room Set is a great place to start. Calico Critters Lounging Lounge 16 Piece Set.


What’s the best Calico Critters furniture to buy?

Top Calico Critters furniture


Calico Critters Lounging Living Room Set

What you need: This 17-piece set will help your Calico Critters family move in to their new home.

What you’ll love: You will receive two matching armchairs and a magazine rack. Serve the tea in two cups with saucers, and three cookies on a matching plate to your Calico Critters.

Here are some things to consider The tea set and cookies were very small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Furniture by Top Calico Critters for a reasonable price

Calico Critters Stack N Play Beds Furniture Set

What you need: This set includes 8eight pieces and accessories for your Calico Critters friends to use as a bunk bed.

What you’ll love: Two rustic bunk beds with matching pillows and blankets are included. The bunk bed is 5 inches long, just under 3 inches wide and just over three inches tall. Twin beds can be made by separating the beds. This furniture set is best paired with the Calico Critters Sweet Raspberry Home.

Here are some things to consider It is easy to lose the removable ladder, especially when you move your bunk bed around.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out


Calico Critters Playful Starter House Furniture Set

What you need: Add a kitchen and bathroom to your new Calico Critters furniture home with this kitchen and bath set with accessories – and a poseable Hopscotch Rabbit mother Heidi dressed in removable clothing.

What you’ll love: You will find a stove, countertop, and refrigerator in the kitchen. Your refrigerator contains milk, eggs, and an Apple. Place the cup in the icemaker and the plastic ice cubes will drop into your glass. Turn the oven on. “fire”Place the skillet on the stove. The included knife can be used to slice the deep-dish apple pie. The bathroom has a sink with running water and a toilet that flushes. This furniture set goes well with the Red Roof Country Home and Red Roof Cozy Cottage.

Here are some things to consider Many parts are too small for very young children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Here are some things to consider before you buy Calico Critters furniture

Calico Furniture is needed by Calico Critters that live in Calico Houses. Their homes and furniture are all made to fit the scale of Calico Critters that are from 2 to 3 inches tall.

Living rooms

There are many furniture options that can be matched to fit any Calico Critters home. You can choose from a comfortable living room to read and watch TV, a living area to relax with friends, or a studio or elegant townhouse suite.


All beds come equipped with pillows, blankets, mattresses, and blankets. You can choose from triple or double Stack N Play bunk bed options. They can also be disassembled to make single beds. Bedroom furniture sets can also include comforters, luxury beds with rich tapestry coverings, and bedroom sets that have shelves, tables, and mirrored vanities.


There are many options, including country, deluxe, and bubbly bathroom sets that include tubs, sinks and toilets as well as vanities with doors and mirrors, shelves and towel racks, and toothbrush holders.


Refrigerators with icemakers and mixers, timers, and so on are all available. You can also find ovens that open and stoves that open. “flames”on burners “light”With a click of a button. Calico Critters furniture sets can be found with islands, hutches or kitchen tables and chairs. They also have food to cook, plates and utensils.

What should you look for in Calico Critters furniture?


The Hopscotch Rabbits family, which stars on the television program, is the best place to start. “Calico Critters.”Next, pick a Calico Critters home for them to live in and then select the furniture that will make it complete, comfortable, and fun to look at and use. Furniture is sold in sets, and all Calico Critters furniture fits into all Calico Critters houses. This allows you to have fun mixing and matching pieces whenever you need to redecorate your dollhouse.

New arrivals

Many Calico Critters families have twins or triplets. These critters will need a nursery and many accessories to be adopted. Look at nursery sets that include cribs that include mattresses, blankets, a feeding chair, plates and spoons as well as play slides, swings, and other small accessories.


There are many Calico Critters home accessories and appliances. You can outfit your Calico Critters home by adding a washer, dryer, vacuum cleaner, or a complete bathroom remodel. A breakfast playset includes a toaster, blender and waffle maker.


Calico Critters furniture may be preferred by children to match the Calico Critters house decor. Most Calico houses evoke nostalgia for 1950s architecture, which is also known as retro modern today. Critters’ houses include cottages, country homes, townhomes, mansions, lodges and even tree houses.

Calico Critters furniture: How much can you expect to spend?

Calico Critters furniture is affordable starting at $10 per piece and ending at $50 for a complete set that completes a room.

Calico Critters furniture FAQ

Is all Calico Critters furniture compatible with every Calico Critters home.

A. Yes. Yes. All Calico Critters furniture houses as well as the furniture that goes within them are made to the same size that is suitable for small families of two and three inches tall.

What age do children need to be in order to play with Calico Critters furniture.

A. Calico Critters furniture sets include many tiny accessories. These are not suitable for very small children, who may try to eat them. Choose furniture with no small pieces if you have children.

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