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Attack type
The Takaratomy Plastic Beyblade Burst Evolution Genesis Valtryek V3 can be used to burst the tops of opponents’ heads in battle. This beyblade features a centrally feathered, armored head and a forward-facing face. The perimeter is made up of a translucent layer which acts as primary recoil points. Primary recoil points are three upward-slanting wings. The 3 opaque sub wings are behind the main set. Genesis Valtryek V3 is full a variety of gimmicks. First, the primary wings and translucent layer can be spring-loaded to create an attacking bound.

4 in 1 Set
With the Famous Quality New 4 In1 Metal Beyb toy Set With Stadium & 2 Launchers, you can now create your own battleground of beyblades. This is the ultimate starter kit for any Beyblade fan. You can choose from any one of the 4 Beyblade Tops, depending on which opponent you are. Each beyblade includes a skill set and 2 rip cord launchers. You can also create your own stadium. It has four layers. It opens its layers when it touches an object. They must be assembled.

Battlefield set
ROYALS 4 Beyblade, 2 Ripcord Launchers, and Battlefield Set are a 4 Beyblades and 2 Launchers set. These tops are modern and can be fought. The top spinning fastest would throw another top outside. The winner’s top is often pushed out and it is often successful. This game will bring hours of entertainment to your child.

Smooth and efficient
Invite your friends and join the beyblade battle. Your Beyblade Burst Series Z Achilles Spinner Spinning Top can be used to let your friends know who the champion is. The Z Achilles is a powerful fighter in combat. The handle launcher gives the advantage to your opponent. So don’t wait anymore to get your Starter pack now.

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