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Which Beyblade stadiums are you most proud to call the best?

A Beyblade battle wouldn’t be complete unless it took place in a Beyblade stadium, or a Beystadium. These walls are great for allowing for intense fights and protecting the players from flying Beyblades. Beystadiums are great gifts to Beyblade fans and those who want the Beyblade in their hands. 

The Beyblade burst is the best Beyblade arena that you can buy. Beyblade Turbo Slingshock Rail Rush Battle set. This arena has a dual rail system that creates more exciting Beyblade fighting. It also has two Beyblades and Ripcords, making this a great entry point.

Here are some things you should consider before buying a Beyblade Stadium

Beyblade stadiums make the action even better

Although you can have Beyblades fighting one another on a flat surface it is much more fun to do it in the Beystadium because it allows them to fight each other more often. It also has pits that can be used for knocking out or eliminating the Beyblades. Rails are available in some stadiums, and offer more varied and interesting gameplay.

Beyblade stadiums can be a great way for players to be protected from the action

Beyblades can be very painful, even though they may not appear so. The top is sharp and can cause serious damage if it spins. To prevent collateral damage, Beyblade stadiums have strong walls made of a solid plastic. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. 

Children can use beyblades starting at 8 years of age.

Beyblades toys can be used safely, but younger children may be more at risk. Children under 8 years old could choke on small pieces. They may also be injured by the pull of the cord or flying beyblades. Before you buy a beyblade make sure you know your player’s age.

The stadiums themselves are made from plastic

Don’t expect to buy a stadium made of solid metal or wood. These stadiums are made from hard plastic, which is lightweight but can crack over the years. If you take care of your Beystadium, it will last a lifetime. 

What to look out in a Beyblade stadium of quality

Rail system

Modern Beyblade arenas have a rail system that propels them into action. This allows them to curve in and out, around, and around each other. These rail systems can make for interesting fights. They are different from one stadium to the next. You might want to see how the action is in each fight at different venues.

Solid walls

Beystadium walls protect spectators and players from flying Beyblades. High walls should be avoided in stadiums. These walls have a dual purpose. They limit the play area. It can also be used as a barrier to stop Beyblades from pushing against the wall. 

Additional accessories and beyblades

Beystadiums now come with starter Beyblades and ripcords. These are usually only one attack and one defense. These Beyblades are not the best, but they make great starter tops. If you’re looking to get a gift, definitely look for stadiums that come with these extras. 

Digital extras

Additional digital content can be found for Beyblade-themed stadiums. If you buy a new stadium, you will be able to scan a code that allows you to create digital Beyblades. While it’s totally optional, customizing your own beyblade and battling your friends straight from your PhoneIt can be very exciting. Both iOS and Android users can download the app.

How much you can spend on a Beyblade stadium-style design

Beyblade stadiums have a similar price tag and start at $30. The most expensive stadiums are around $40. 

Beyblade stadium FAQ

What does frustration-free packaging actually refer to? 

A. Some stadiums of Beyblade come in hassle-free packaging. This simply means they are in an easy-to-open box. Other childrens’ toys are sometimes packaged with zip ties or hard plastic which means having to open them with scissors or boxcutters.

How many Beyblades does a stadium need to support?

A. The answer depends on the stadium’s design, but usually, it can support 2-4 Beyblades at once. You can add more, but it can become chaotic. Two Beyblades make for exciting and dynamic fights.

What’s the best Beyblade stadium to buy?

Top Beyblade Stadium

Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Rail Rush Battle Set

What you need to know The Beyblade arena burst contains everything you need in order to fight with Beyblades. It also features a rail system that allows for dynamic fighting.

What you’ll love: The stadium boasts a dual rail system, which amplifies battle heat and allows Beyblades move in exciting ways.

Here are some things to keep in mind: This stadium is smaller than most other stadiums. The fights are therefore limited to fewer participants.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Beyblade Stadion to the Money

BEYBLADE Burst Rising Hypersphere Vertical Drop Battle Set 

What you need to know The unique wall system at Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Virtual Drop Stadium allows vertical fights to be possible. 

What you’ll love: A slight vertical wall can be a challenge and make for some interesting battles. You will have to climb up and knock your opponent off their feet.

What you need to know The included Beyblades are of lower quality than standalone Beyblades. Spinners have trouble adhering to the Ripstick. 

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set

BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set

What you need to know This stadium has a removable roof and 2 launchers.

What you’ll love: This stadium has a customizable design where you can remove the top-level (called the Battle Axis) to adjust the arena’s dynamics.

Here are some things to keep in mind: Beyblades should always be launched from the top-level, or they won’t climb up. This results in a smaller battlefield.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

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