Best advent calendars UK for children 2022

Here are the top 2022 advent books that kids should add. (Getty Images)

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Parents must be responsible when choosing the best Christmas advent calendars for their children.

Many of the most well-loved advent calendars sell out long before the 1st of December. Some go out of stock in minutes.

Advent calendars not only help build anticipation for children as they look forward to Father Christmas, but it’s also a great way to see the joy on the faces of your child each day when they open the calendar.

The problem is: The problem is actually finding the one you know your child will like.

The best places for children to buy advent calendars

Today Lego revealed a number new advent calendars for 2022Includes Star Wars, Harry PotterAnd FriendsCalendars with themed themes. Toy calendars with themed themes sell quickly so we recommend that you add it to your basket ASAP to avoid the dreaded “sold out” sign.

Lego isn’t the only brand that has advent calendars available for sale this September. BarbieTo PlaymobilBoots are the clear winner in 2022’s Christmas countdown.

Best advent calendars for kids 2022

Lego Star Wars™ Advent Calendar PlayStation29.99 from Lego| £29.99 from Lego

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The Lego Star Wars™ Advent CalendarIt is suitable for children older than 6 years and contains 329 pieces. The set includes 5 Lego PS21.99 LegosStar PS21.99 at LegoWars™ minifigures, 3 Lego droid figures and 16 mini builds, which will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Lego Friends Advent Calendar | £21.99 from Lego

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This is the most adorable Christmas scene that we have ever seen. This is the cutest Christmas scene! Lego Friends Advent CalendarThe scene shows everyone playing together in a festive scene, including Father Christmas and his reindeers. This set is suitable for children aged 6 years and over. It’s also suitable for children under 3 years old because of the smaller pieces.

Lego Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar PlayStation29.99 from Lego| £29.99 from Lego

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Harry Potter fans 7 and older will love it Lego Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar, featuring 334 pieces. The first three toys make a scene from the first film, the next three days make a scene from the second film – and so on. This collection includes classic film scenes as well as mini-figures. It will be enjoyed beyond Christmas. PS20.99 from Boots

Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar| £20.99 from Boots

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Children aged 3+ are welcome to attend the event Barbie Dreamtopia Advent CalendarThere will be 25 surprises gifts. Day 1 features a Barbie doll. The next days will bring new clothes and accessories for her. This advent calendar can be purchased now, so get it before it’s gone.

Thomas And Friends Advent Calendar
PS34.99 from Boots| £34.99 from Boots

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Young conductors now have the option to open a new window between December 1, and December 24, 2018. Thomas And Friends Advent CalendarTo find a surprising gift inside. By Christmas Day, they’ll have a whole railway of miniature toy trains, rail vehicles, and other push-along characters. These toys are for children 3+ years old.

Jurassic World Advent Calendar PS36.99 from Boots| £36.99 from Boots

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This book is appropriate for children aged 3+. Jurassic World Advent CalendarThere are more than 30 toys available for 24 Days of Jurassic Celebrations, including 19 mini-dinosaurs as well as 1 mini-human figure. There are also many gate pieces and platform bits. PS20.99 from Boots

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar| £20.99 from Boots

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This is a great idea to car-mad kids Hot Wheels Advent Calendar, available now. The set includes eight 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® cars and 16 accessories that inspire wintery adventures. It also comes with a play mat to race your new Hot Wheels® cars on. This product is not suitable to children under 3.

Disney Princess 12 Day Socks Advent PS25 Boots| £25 from Boots

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This is the perfect gift to give Disney Princess fans Disney Princess 12 Day Socks Advent. Every day, a pair of ankle socks featuring a favorite Disney Princess will be revealed. This advent calendar is appropriate for children aged 5-10 years. It will keep your child warm even in colder temperatures. The socks can be worn all year round since they aren’t Christmas-themed.

Funko POP Christmas Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 PS49.99 – Was PS55?| £49.99 (Was £55) from Amazon

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The tiny doors of the Funko Pop Christmas Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 to reveal 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops! Funko Pocket Pops is a collection of beloved Star Wars characters dressed in winter clothes. Each collectible has Christmas flair and is suitable for children 3 years old and up.

Marvel 12 Days Sock Advent CalendarPS30 Boots | £30 from Boots

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Every day of this Marvel 12 Days Sock Advent CalendarEach month, you’ll find a different pair of Marvel-themed socks for your child. This advent calendar is for both children and adults. This selection isn’t Christmas-themed. It can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Roblox Advent Calendar PS34.99 from Boots| £34.99 from Boots

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The Roblox Advent CalendarRoblox characters and items get festive twists. This is a great gift for Roblox fans. The advent calendar comes with 30 pieces and can be purchased.

Advent Calendar Playmobil Christmas Bakery PS20.99 from Boots| £20.99 from Boots

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Playmobil Christmas presents will be a hit with your children. This Advent Calendar Playmobil Christmas bakeryThis scene depicts a dreamy vacation scene. Playmobil releases new collectibles every day. You can find a Father Christmas, snowman, and other kitchen accessories for children ages 4-10.

Playmobil Wiltopia Advent BookPS24.99 at Boots| £24.99 from Boots

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This is another classic Playmobil item you must have. Playmobil Wiltopia Advent BookThis is a great gift for animal lovers. The Wiltopia Advent features animals from all continents as well as accessories. You can personalize each calendar by adding name stickers. Available now for children 4-10 years old

Minecraft Advent Calendar PS36.99 from Boots| £36.99 from Boots

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Fans can unlock a brand new door each day to find Mob Head Minis action figure and accessories. Minecraft Advent Calendar, available now. This box was created to recreate your favorite games using your new figurines. This one is intended for children aged 6+.

Best advent calendars UK for children 2022

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