Best Advent Calendar 2022 – Our top-rated chocolate and toy and alcohol calendars this festive period

What’s Christmas without an advent calendar? You can get into the Christmas spirit by opening the little doors every day leading up to the 25th. You’ll find the best advent calendars, edible or otherwise, that will add a little Christmas magic to your day.

From classic chocolate calenders to booze and beauty ones, there really does seem to be something to suit every taste and budget nowadays – and we’re not complaining, we love advent calendars in all their wonderful forms.

We’ve already rounded up our favourite beauty advent calendars and the best unusual advent calendars but we haven’t forgotten about the classics either. So if you’re searching for a more traditional advent calendar this year, we’re certain you’ll find something extra special here. We’ve got everything covered, including vegan advent calendars for kids and adults that include white chocolate and popcorn.

Continue reading for our top picks.


A glance at the best advent calendar

  • Best milk chocolate advent calendar Lindt Teddy Bear Calendar | Buy Now
  • Best children’s advent calendar: LEGO City| Buy Now
  • Best dark chocolate advent calendar: Divine dark chocolate Calendar | Buy Now
  • Best alcohol advent calendar: That Boutique-y Gin Calendar | Buy Now

  • The best advent calendars available

    1. Lindt Teddy Bear Calendar: Best milk-chocolate advent calendar

    Price: £12 | Boots: Buy Now

    This teddy bear advent offering is the ideal upgrade from those boring, supermarket calendars we’re all familiar with. You’ll find many delicious treats inside, all with the classic, creamy Lindt taste.

    Over 24 days you’ll enjoy a variety of different Lindt chocolates including teddies, reindeer, mini truffles and Swiss napolitains, with a giant chocolate surprise on Christmas Eve. We think this calendar is an indulgent treat for adults and kids alike and one that won’t break the bank either.

    Key details – Calendar type: Chocolate; Number of days: 24; Vegan:No

    Boots: Buy Now

    2. Divine dark chocolate: Best dark chocolate advent calendar

    Price: £10 | Amazon: Buy Now

    If you’re interested in a more ethical and sustainable chocolate advent calendar this year, look to Divine chocolate. Not only is Divine Fairtrade, but it’s also the only brand co-owned by the farmers themselves, ensuring that wages are fairer and at least some of the profits go back to those harvesting the cocoa bean.

    That’s not the only reason to buy this calendar though. Dark chocolate is a 70% cocoa product that is rich and delicious. We love the classic Christmas theme. At a time when there are bundles of weird and wacky alternatives to chocolate advent calendars, sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics. As the chocolate is dairy-free, it’s suitable for vegans too.

    Key details – Calendar type: Chocolate; Number of days: 24; Vegan:Yes

    3. LEGO City Advent Calendar: Best children’s advent calendar

    Price: £22 | Amazon: Buy Now

    Looking for a build-up to the big day that doesn’t involve chocolate? This Lego mini-build Lego calendar is a great partner for Christmas. There are 24 different options. Lego CityAdventures TV personalities include Maddy and Tippy, Raze, Raze, Raze, Raze, Raze, and Tippy. A buildable Santa and Christmas themed fold-down scenery are also included, meaning you’ll have a fully festive cityTo continue playing until Christmas.

    This is a great alternative for children. This will make them feel festive, and keep them busy as they build up to the big event.

    Key details – Calendar type: Toy; Number of days: 24; Vegan: N/A

    4. That Boutique-y Gin calendar: Best alcohol advent calendar

    Price: £70 | Master of Malt – Buy Now

    This fun gin calendar allows you to count down to Christmas. You’ll find 24 different wax-sealed gin varieties every day, and you’ll have a lot fun doing it.

    Each dram is 3cl, the perfect size for a festive G&T and although the contents occasionally change, you’ll be able to try a variety of classic and flavoured gins, pink gins and even punchy, flavoured gins.

    It’s the ideal advent calendar if you’re after a grown-up alternative to chocolate and it’s also a great way to discover gins you might not have considered before. We also think it’s a reasonable price for a 24-day spirit calendar, as you’ll be hard pushed to find one of this quality for under £100.

    Key details – Calendar type: Alcohol; Number of days: 24; Vegan:Yes

    Master of Malt – Buy Now

    5. Pokémon Holiday Calendar: Best advent calendar for Pokémon lovers

    Price: £30 | Amazon: Buy Now

    Pokémon is the highest-grossing entertainment franchise of all time, and hugely popular with children and adults alike. Although this calendar is intended for children, adults will still enjoy the toys.

    There are 16 adorable 2in pocket monster models and seven accessories hidden behind its doors, and these can be used to create a wonderfully festive Pokémon scene once they’ve all been revealed. The models can also be used as display pieces and are a welcome addition for any trainer’s collection.

    Roblox lovers will be happy to see the new website. Roblox Advent CalendarJazwares produces and the, while Jazwares will produce the for those who prefer models to trading cards. Pokémon TCG Holiday Calendar.

    Key details – Calendar type: Toy; Number of days: 24; Vegan: N/A

    Best Advent Calendar 2022 – Our top-rated chocolate and toy and alcohol calendars this festive period

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