Asda has a huge sale on toys with great deals for parents starting Christmas shopping

ASDA has launched a massive toy sale just in time for Christmas shopping.

Toys at as low as 40% are available for great savings

We have gathered our top picks from Asda’s new toys sale

If you’ve been tightening your purse strings in preparation for the festive period, you might be relieved to see Asda now has toys reduced by as much as £44.

It allows you to search top accessories and gifts for your child at affordable prices.

We encourage customers to shop around before making a purchase. It might be cheaper in another store.

Below are our top picks of the Asda toy sale. If you plan on spending a lot, remember to add delivery and other charges.

You are only saving money if the item is actually needed. Be careful about how much you spend.

Asda was asked by The Sun when the sale would be over. We’ll update the story once we hear back.


Bluebell Cottage Gift Set is down by £30Credit: Asda

Bluebell Cottage Gift Set

  • Was: £70. Now: £40. Save: £30 – buy now

As part of the Sylvanian Families franchise, you can bag this beautiful house set for just £40 – a whopping £30 cheaper.

You will need to pay an extra £2.95 for delivery though, and that might be more expensive if you live further away.

This handy locator tool allows you to locate the nearest Asda Store.

Remember that stores will be closed Monday, September 19th to commemorate The Queen’s Funeral. This day is the best day to shop.

Open hours may change after that date, so it is a good idea not to leave without calling or checking online.

Perfect to keep your child entertained for hours


This is a great way to keep your child entertained for hoursCredit: Asda

Playmobil Knight Rider – K.I.T.T

  • Was: £70. Now: £42. Save: £28 – buy now

Although this is a massive saving, you’ll also need to factor in £2.95 for delivery if you’re planning to get it to your home.

It’s also free to click and pick up so you might consider running to the nearest store to grab it.

If you do, we recommend calling the store and asking if they have it in stock. Some stores might not have stock because Christmas shoppers are so busy.

Keep in mind you can get a similar Playmobil set for £30 HereYou can also search online for the exact Knight Rider car. off Amazon for just £39.99.

Amazon offers free delivery, and it can be delivered as soon tomorrow

Paw Patrol Sparks the Dragon Gift Pack, perfect for toddlers, available for £14 cheaper than usual


Paw Patrol Sparks the Dragon Gift Pack, perfect for toddlers, available for £14 cheaper than usualCredit: Asda

Paw Patrol Sparks The Dragon Gift Pack

  • Was: £40. Now: £26. Save: £14 – buy now

This cute Paw Patrol dragon is ready to take you on an exciting mission.

You can pick it up and return it to Asda for free, but there will be a delivery charge.

You can find this Paw Patrol fidget popper from The Works for just £2 and we also found these cute cuddly toys for £5 each from Tesco.

Check the delivery charges and other T&Cs before you place an order

Pokemon cards are often popular with kids


Children love Pokemon cards.Credit: Asda

Pokemon TCG: Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection

  • Was: £45. Now: £25. Save: £20 – buy now

For a huge £20 off, keep in mind whether it’s worth paying an extra £2.95 at least to get this pack delivered.

It is easier to collect because it is smaller. It all depends on where your live.

We also found These Pokemon cards are available in a variety of colors for just £8.90, down from £11.15.

These items can be delivered free of charge and could arrive next week.

Tesco are also selling premium cards for £5.50 – so always make sure to evaluate your options.

This could be entertaining for hours


This could be a great activity that you can enjoy for hours.Credit: Asda

Chef Bella Bow Doll & Oven

  • Was: £50. Now: £35. Save: £15 – buy now

This adorable doll and kitchen set make a great companion for playtime. Keep little pieces and parts away from babies and toddlers.

It’s also great for people who don’t like to deal with batteries. You don’t even have to buy anything to prepare this. You can simply take it out of the box and let your child have some fun.

For more options, Asda also sell a similar set for £14, but it’s not as big a saving.

Aldi can be used by your child to cook.

It costs just £19.99 with an extra delivery cost of £3.95.

Click here to locate the closest Aldi.

Another fantastic Playmobil deal


Another great Playmobil dealCredit: Asda

Playmobil Dino Rise Guardian in the Lava Mine

  • Was: £100. Now: £56. Save: £44 – buy now

It’s definitely worth checking out this deal if you know your little one wants this – for a towering £44 off, it’s best to nab it while it’s cheaper.

Remember the minimum delivery charge of £2.95 before you buy which might be more useful for a heavier purchase such as this.

Asda also has this Dino Playmobil set for £27 – saving £16 – if you know these are popular toys with your kids.

LEGO Friends are favourites with avid brick builders


LEGO FriendsThey are a favorite of avid brick buildersCredit: Asda

LEGO Friends Mia’s Wildlife Rescue Animal Set

  • Was: £45. Now: £31. Save: £14 – buy now

LEGO is a favorite of children, teens, and adults. This set is suitable for builders 7+.

These sets will keep you entertained for hours.

You can also get LEGO Minifigures from WHSmith for just £2.49 per packet.

We reveal the reason why Walkers cheese-and onion crisp packets-are blue, rather than green.

We also taste tested Poundland’s £3.50 steak – read here for the surprising verdict.

Source: Asda has a huge sale on toys with great deals for parents starting Christmas shopping

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