Amazon Playmaker’s top 100 holiday toys list for Aussie kids with cancer is a tribute to those who have lost their battles.

Starlight beneficiaries in Australia were given a large selection of Amazon toys to help them choose the best toys.

They were chosen to vote for their top picks in the lead-up Christmas season as part of Amazon Playmaker’s annual top 100 Holiday Toy List campaign.

Three of the three eager toy testers have now spoken. A Current AffairThey were delighted to receive their large parcels of toys and the toys they wanted to share with other children.

Isla, seven year old, with her mother. (A Current Affair)

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Seven-year-old Isla is one of the children who’ve just received a toy delivery.

Isla was diagnosed in 2020 with Leukaemia. She is looking forward the last day of chemotherapy.

Seven-year-old Isla. (A Current Affair)

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She now has the important task to use her toy knowledge to help families choose from the hundreds of thousands of toys available as they shop for Christmas gifts.

“My favourite toy in the box was the camera,” Isla said.

“You can play games on it and you can take funny pictures of people.”

Harper, six-years-old, with her parents. (A Current Affair)


Harper, six-years-old, wasn’t even two years old when she was diagnosed in Leukaemia.

“Harper had bronchiolitis in May 2018 and it didn’t matter what I did, we couldn’t get her to a full recovery,”Mother Eliza said.

Then doctors confirmed she had Leukaemia.

Ten Starlight Australian children who are fighting cancer were recently given a huge selection of Amazon toys to help them pick the best. (A Current Affair)

“She required six to eight months of intense chemotherapy treatment … then she needed 18 months of maintenance chemotherapy treatment.”

Harper is now in remission and enjoying playing.

Harper was delighted to play and cuddle Paddington Bear after she received a package with toys.

Her favorite toy was a Guinea-pig that comes along with a house.

Logan and Amy, his mom. (A Current Affair)

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Eight-year-old Logan said he “felt honoured”After a long battle with two rare illnesses for four years, he was finally selected to receive a large box of toys.

“Within 24 hours we went from having an energetic kid to a kid who was paralysed from the neck down,”Amy Logan’s mother said.

He feels better now and is able to do his daily chores. “happy the toys finally arrived”.

Eight-year-old Logan. (A Current Affair)

He said that his favourite toy was “probably the Lego Masters ship because you have pretty much free rein”.

“And I like Lego … and who doesn’t love Marvel,”Logan added.

Johnny Ruffo, Amazon Playmaker ambassador and performer, said that it’s great that children get to play with so many toys.

Johnny Ruffo is an Amazon Playmaker ambassador. (A Current Affair)

“You get to take them away from their everyday cycle of having to go to hospital, removing them from that environment and putting a smile on their face,”Ruffo stated.

Ruffo is fighting cancer for the second straight time. His diagnosis is terminal.

The actor and singer shares his advice with others going through similar struggles. “find something to fight for, find a reason to move forward”.

“Part of that for me is I want to help people,”Ruffo stated.

“This year’s Playmakers have done a stellar job at meticulously testing and reviewing the top 100 toys to help Aussies choose the best gifts for the little ones in their lives,”Ian Bradley, Amazon’s chief of toys, stated the following.

Amazon’s top-selling toys

Amazon also revealed the top toy trends for this year.

These trends include 1990s nostalgia and the endless reruns and reruns from early 2000s sitcoms, dramas, and throwback accessories such as bejeweling.

Top picks include Pokemon and a Barbie dream home.

For those with tight budgets, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza or Cocomelon Roto Plush Snacktime Snacktime JJ Doll can be affordable.

With another rainy season ahead, the children have learned to adapt by moving outdoors and playing indoors with Nerf or John Deere Dump truck.

The When I Grow UpParents who are looking for toys that will encourage their children to discover their passions through pretend play or role play with books are great options.

With a DJ Beat Boxer toy and a Lego Emma’s Art School set as well as a Lego Horse Show Trailer set they can be whatever they want to be.

“To MetaVerse and Beyond”Amazon declares Roblox and Minecraft on the rise “the rise of games like Roblox”.

KidiWatch is one of the most popular toys in this category. Lego Star WarsBuilding sets and the Space Academy game.

Children who are curious about learning will also love play-based learning tools.

There are increasing numbers of toys that target children’s development. These toys include a talking microscope featuring Bindi Irwin and a coding start set compatible with an iPad.


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Source: Amazon Playmaker’s top 100 holiday toys list for Aussie kids with cancer is a tribute to those who have lost their battles.

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