Expert: The Best Star Wars Lego Sets for 2022

Rare properties have been loved and protected as much over the years than this property. “Star Wars”The Lego Company. This is illustrated by The Lego Company being voted most profitable toy business in 2021, while Star Wars The Rise Of The Skywalker earned $1.1 million at the box office.

It’s no surprise that Lego and Star Wars have collaborated so heavily over the years. This collaboration has led many Lego Star Wars sets. These two companies have worked together for so long that new Lego sets were created. “Star Wars”Movies are often released along with the movie to allow fans to share in the new world.

We have looked at all options “Star Wars”We chose Lego sets that were large and unique because they are the best. Any Star Wars fan would love any of these Lego sets to be displayed on a desk, shelf, or mantle.

— Best Overall: “Star Wars” Ultimate Millennium Falcon
Best Budget: Lego “Star Wars” Stormtrooper Helmet
Coolest Design:Star Wars” Death Star Lego Set
Best Throwback “Star Wars”: A New Hope Mos Eisley Cantina
Best Modern “Star Wars” Set:Star Wars”: “The Mandalorian”The Razor Crest

How we chose to be the best “Star Wars” Lego Sets


“Star Wars” Lego sets have the same basic set of assembly instructions as those tied into other popular franchises and the company’s totally original designs. Open a package of pieces. Follow these steps to transform your idea from a blank canvas into a recognizable design. 

We created this guide to the best. “Star Wars”It’s up to you what Lego sets appeal to you. We’ve done our best to present a good cross-section of available Lego “Star Wars”Although sets are not necessary, we encourage everyone to take a look at them all to see if they appeal to you. “Star Wars” universe. As always, may the force guide your steps.

Design: The Lego Company has done an amazing job of offering Lego Company products “Star Wars” sets that cover the franchise’s entire history. Some sets include scenes from the original film (which was later renamed). “Episode IV: A New Hope”Other galleries feature items from the “sequel trilogy”This was in 2017. “Episode VII: The Force Awakens.”This guide was created to make it simple to use. “Star Wars”Lego sets that feature the best scenes, characters, enemies, and themes from different periods. 

Size: Truthfully, “Star Wars”It is possible to make Lego sets very complex. The complexity of your final design is a function. If you’re planning on putting together a big set, you’ll need to set aside a fair bit of room for both construction and display purposes. We understand that space may be tight depending on your living situation, so we’ve made it a point to choose Star Wars Lego sets that are under two feet tall or wide. Many of our recommendations are much smaller than this limit.

Number of pieces The majority of the “Star Wars” Lego sets we’re recommending have around 1,000 pieces, though one tops out at over 7,600.

Limited Editions One of the downsides to Lego’s “Star Wars”Collaborations are usually only available for a short time. This could be due a variety of reasons. The set could tie into a specific movie, an old set being revived, or it might sell faster than The Lego Group expected. To avoid this frustration, we’ve made sure the “Star Wars” Lego sets we’ve selected are in stock in several stores, so you shouldn’t have a problem ordering one, or having to wait a long time for it to arrive.


Best Lego Star Wars Set Overall: “Star Wars” Ultimate Millennium Falcon

Not a Hunk Of Junk. Lego

Why it was chosen: This Lego set’s extremely detailed design brings this iconic piece of the Star Wars universe to life.

Pieces: 7,541
Size:33 inches Wx22 Inches H
Sagas:Skywalker and Sequel

— Incredibly faithful to the original design
— Display-worthy

— Very large once assembled
— Expensive

We chose the “Star Wars” Ultimate Millennium Falcon as one of the best Lego sets for adults, and it’s certainly the top pick for any fan of the franchise. We’re willing to go out on a limb to say this is the definitive Lego depiction of the legendary spare-faring ship.

Every character, satellite, defense mechanism and exhaustpipe are all fully covered. You’ll be able to install Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke, Leia, Rey, Poe, or Finn into the pilot’s seat of the craft that made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. 

You’ll need to set aside a lot of time and space to assemble this Lego set, as constructing the Millennium Falcon involves building it from the inside out. You probably won’t see the inside of the ship very often, but you can rest assured that its internal design is an exact replica of the original. You can pop certain parts of Falcon to reveal areas where characters can live. 

The LEGO universe is enormous in its size “Star Wars” Ultimate Millennium Falcon blows our minds, although we’re a little wary of how big the model is once it’s assembled. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and have the room, this is a no brainer.

Best Budget: Lego “Star Wars” Stormtrooper Helmet

Look Sir, a Stormtrooper. Lego

Why it was chosen This “Star Wars”Although the Lego set may be small, it is a strong recommendation.

Pieces: 647
Dimensions: 5 inches Wx7 Inches H
Sagas: Skywalker and Sequel

— Instantly recognizable
— Won’t take up a lot of space

— Its design is more basic than our other recommendations

Stormtroopers are one of the first villains to be encountered by the original. “Star Wars”This and film Lego set It allows you to always keep one of their helmets nearby. This is the smallest. “Star Wars” Lego set we’re recommending, which is the main reason why it’s also the least expensive. Still, it’s one that even casual fans of the franchise will understand. The set’s small size also works to its advantage because it’s easy to keep on a work desk without getting in the way.

Coolest Design: “Star Wars” Death Star Lego Set

It’s No Moon. Lego

Why it was chosen Though it’s a single Lego set, this depiction of the Death Star allows you to experience many parts of the first “Star Wars.”

Pieces: 4,016
Dimensions:16 inches Wx16 inches H
Saga: Skywalker

— Displays several scenes from the original “Star Wars”
— Extreme attention to detail

— Expensive
— Pretty large

Although the Millennium Falcon Lego set is our favorite, we believe it has the most complex design. “Star Wars”This Lego set is now available One that highlights the Death Star This is the best overall design. Rather than constructing a completed Death Star, you’ll build one with an open design that showcases different rooms. Each room corresponds to one scene from the original. “Star Wars”These characters can be placed on film “act out”The movie was cut in large parts. 

We’re impressed that this Lego set has figurines of all the main protagonists and antagonists (in different costumes, no less) and an assortment of secondary characters. Many of the figures are also equipped with the appropriate weapon in each scene. 

The completed Death Star can also be turned around so the heroes don’t have to be stuck in a trashcan. They can face Darth Vader. This interactive element makes Lego’s Death Star a visual spectacle. It comes with dozens of unique bricks. There’s no getting around the fact that the Star Wars Death Star Lego Set is a big investment that requires a lot of space, but it’s the incredible expression of this fandom that you should display proudly.

Best Throwback “Star Wars:” A New Hope Mos Eisley Cantina

Han Built First. Lego

Why it was chosen This set is not only accurate in depicting an iconic item, but it’s also very beautiful. “Star Wars”scene, it is in perfect harmony with our top choice.

Pieces: 3,187
Dimensions:23 inches Wx20.5 inches High
Saga: Skywalker

— Pairs well with the Millennium Falcon set
— Two designs in one

— Not quite as detailed as other full sets
— Very big when open

The turning point is undoubtedly the original. “Star Wars”This Lego set captures it perfectly in film. The cantina can either be closed, which is how it appeared when Luke & ObiWan first landed, or opened to reveal all the sinister characters within. We like the fact that this Lego set is dynamic, even if it isn’t as grand as the Death Star. It is very cool to see small elements, such as Obi Wan or the spacecraft Luke, used to reach the cantina.

Another reason we’re recommending This Lego set is that it’s a great companion to the Millennium Falcon. If you’re interested in creating a full display of Lego Star Wars sets, setting up those two sets next to one another would make canonical sense. When it’s opened, this is the largest Star Wars Lego set we’re recommending, so make sure you have enough room for it on a shelf before picking one up. If space isn’t an issue, we couldn’t recommend this Lego set highly enough.

Best Modern “Star Wars” Set: “Star Wars”: “The Mandalorian”The Razor Crest

Baby Yoda: Do-Do, Do-Do, Do-Do. Lego

Why it was chosenThis Lego Set includes characters from the extended Lego collection. “Star Wars”

— Pieces: 1,023
— Dimensions:11inches W x 15 inches H
— Saga: The Mandalorian Series

— Shows Lego’s support for the “Star Wars”Side stories
— Compact, but detailed

— Less recognizable to casual “Star Wars”Fans

The “Star Wars”The franchise has expanded beyond its original trilogy. This Lego set shows the main ship, characters, and more. “The Mandalorian,” Side story setIn the “Star Wars” universe. 

Along with the Razor Crest vessel, this set includes the series’ main characters, including Baby Yoda. While “The Mandalorian” doesn’t pack the same nostalgic punch as the original Star Wars movies, Lego’s hasn’t treated this set with any less care. As with the Millennium Falcon and Death Star, each thruster, cabin, and even the Razor Crest’s landing gear is all accounted for.

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars extended universe, this is the perfect Lego set to get.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase the Best “Star Wars” Lego Sets


Because “Star Wars” Lego sets come and go, some end up becoming a lot more valuable once they’ve sold out. We don’t condone hoarding multiple sets for profit, but you may want to hold onto the original box, instruction set, and other ephemera once you’ve completed your design.

Storing pieces

If you’re assembling a more involved “Star Wars” Lego set, you’ll probably need to complete it in several stages over the course of a week or two. The Lego Group offers an alternative to storing your Lego bricks in a bag. A variety of storage containersPlease consider these suggestions. We’re especially fond of the ones shaped like a Lego character’s head, or a giant Lego brick. These storage options are more difficult to lose that a simple baggie. 

Lego VIP

You can order your “Star Wars”Lego set on Register now to get a free Lego VIP account Every purchase you make will earn you VIP points. Lego’s VIP points can be redeemed for exclusive rewards on VIP Lego account holders will be able to access special promotions and early access. 


This has been changed by the Lego Group. Lego sets were traditionally made of plastic pieces. Has committedThey will be made from sustainable materials by 2030. The company will only use sustainable packaging by 2025. If you’re uninterested in keeping your “Star Wars” Lego set once it’s complete, you can ship the bricks back to The Lego Group as part of its Replay program. This ensures the bricks won’t be collecting dust in your closet or sitting in a landfill. 


Q: What happens if a Lego piece is lost?
You can report damage to, theft, or missing pieces of your Lego set to the manufacturer. It should be reported to the company To request a replacement. To get the fastest response, Lego asks that you include the piece’s part number, which is located in the set’s instructions. It also states that it can take up 6 weeks to deliver bricks and pieces.

Q: What happens to my directions for my Lego set, if they are lost or misplaced?
On their product pages, Lego offers digital instructions for all sets. These instructions can be downloaded in PDF format. You don’t need to register to access them. Once downloaded, you can view a set’s instructions on your digital device, or print them out to have a hard copy.

Q: Can I buy individual bricks to build my own set?
Yes. Lego has a section called pick-a-brick This allows you the option to purchase individual Lego bricks that you can use for your own creations.

Final Thoughts on the Best “Star Wars” Lego Sets

There are many. “Star Wars”Toys There are many Lego sets, but this set is unique. That’s because you actually have a hand in bringing it to life, instead of unboxing a toy that’s been preassembled. It’s clear that many people at The Lego Group have a lot of fondness for the “Star Wars” Franchise seeps into these sets’ designs. 

The Lego set Ultimate Millennium Falcon that we’ve chosen as our “Best Overall”This is a perfect example. If you look at it, there’s a level of attention to detail in the completed model that most companies wouldn’t care about. Every component of the spacecraft is perfectly placed and proportioned. If you’re a fan of “Star Wars,”Any one of these Lego sets would be a great addition in your fandom collection. 

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