A Minecraft fan creates a 3D-printed bee inspired by the game

Few gaming worlds offer as many options and variety as this one. Minecraft, with the game boasting procedurally-generated environments filled with exciting mobs for players to discover. These worlds are now more alive thanks to the addition of new creatures by Mojang over the years. Minecraft in updates. In previous updates, bees were included among the animals that made the game.

In a 2019 update, the game introduced bees as a neutral mob. They can be found in many biomes. MinecraftThese include Meadow plains and Sunflower. These flying creatures are adorable and can be used by beehives to produce honeycombs and honey bottles. To pay tribute to this adorable mob, one fan created fan art.


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Reddit user Jemand_Etwas shared a photo of a 3D printed object they recently created in a post. While gamers often 3D-print their favourite characters, this artwork was still quite impressive because it resembled a bee’s look and feel. Minecraft. The 3D-printed mob model was inspired by its in-game counterpart. The bee’s yellowish coloration was highlighted by its brown banding. It had six stubby legs, a pair of bee antennae and a pair with white wings. To give it the appearance that it was flying, the artist mounted the bee on small stands.

Reddit users shared this amazing artwork by bees. MinecraftCommunity members have expressed their appreciation for the artist’s work. Over 1.7K people voted for the post, and many commented on its 3D printed design. It’s not surprising that many users liked the cute appearance of this bee. One user even wanted one to put on their desk. A few gamers liked the design so much that they wanted to print it.

This artwork doesn’t just feature bees. MinecraftRecent creations of gamers. Another gamer created a LEGO version. MinecraftThe original design was too small so it was very fitting. Gamers continue playing MinecraftIn the coming weeks, you will be able to see which other artworks the neutral mob has shared online.

MinecraftIt is available for mobile, PC, and PS4 PS5, Switch, and Xbox One.

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A Minecraft fan makes a 3D printed bee inspired by the Game

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