9 Best Coding Tools and Toys For Children

Spheho is a spherical robot that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and other smart devices. It has inductive chargers that can be used to charge its batteries.

Sphero Edu or Lighting Lab can be used together with Sphero. Both apps provide a platform for children who wish to program. SpheroAn interface graphic is used.

Sphero Edu’s block-based system allows commands to be made and even real JavaScript code to be written. The robot is waterproof, and it’s generally very cool.

Augie is last, but not least, on the list. AugieThe top choice is the augmented reality-equipped coding robot. The toy was designed to introduce children both to coding and have fun.

Augie will spark your child’s imagination, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. The app is available as a free download. It offers engaging lesson plans and fun gameplay. 

Here you go. These coding toys, and tools, are great for kids. Perhaps you have other ideas. Please leave comments below.

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Source: 9 Best Coding Tools and Toys For Children

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