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YouTube Statistics: YouTube was launched by three employees of PayPalYouTube2005. It is the most popular platform to advertise, create and stream video content, as well as sharing videos like vlogs, original series, and other video formats. It is the most popular platform for streaming video content. It is used widely as a social network and video sharing platform. Let’s dive into some YouTube statistics that will help marketers plan their 2022 marketing strategy.

Key YouTube Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • YouTube recorded 2.6 billionMarch 2022 – Monthly active users
  • There are many more. 122 millionYouTube has a large daily user base.
  • YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google.

  • YouTube Premium and YouTube Music are coming in 2021. 50 MillionWorldwide subscribers together
  • YouTube viewers view more than a Millions of hours are spent watching video every day.
  • YouTube has more than38 MillionActive channels
  • YouTube ads revenue increased by 40% during the fourth quarter of 2021 $8.6 billion.
  • Around 3,000,000YouTube TV is available to paid subscribers
  • YouTube Premium Offers around 1 BillionPaid users
  • With 166 MillionDownloads: The YouTube app now ranks second in terms of entertainment apps downloaded, after Netflix.
  • With 91 MillionYouTube Kids was the sixth most popular entertainment application worldwide.

YouTube Video View Statistics

YouTube Video View Statistics

  • Nearly 90%YouTube is the most used social media platform for viewing video content in America. It is used by more than 80% of digital consumers.
  • Over 70%YouTube’s mobile app is the main source of YouTube viewership.
  • More than 70%It suggests YouTube videos being viewed by humans using its algorithm.

More than 70% of  YouTube Video views come from  mobile apps

  • YouTube videos last about ten seconds on average. 12 minutes.
  • An average YouTube user spends 19 minutesDaily updates on this platform
  • Around 28%YouTube videos are often posted by popular channels in English.
  • 77%YouTube users view comedy content.
  • With210 Million subscribers, T-SeriesYouTube’s most popular channel.
  • As of 2020 Ryan’sWorld is the channel with highest YouTube revenue. 29 Million subscribers.
  • Around 30 millionYouTube users log in every day.
  • YouTube’s biggest concurrent views record has been at2.3 billionStarts at SpaceXThe platform is now live. Falcon Heavy Rocket.
  • The majority of YouTube users are in the age range of 15 to 35Years in the USA.
  • The Ratio of male-femaleYouTube users are 11:9.
  • Apple INC. . $237.15 million.
  • YouTube generated total revenue of $19.7 Billion2020
  • In 2021 YouTube users accounted the largest share of the population (467 million)Available starting at India.
  • It is the most popular platform in the United States.74 percent of adult consumers.
  • YouTube is a contributor to almost everything. 25%Mobile traffic worldwide
  • Daily live streaming via YouTube has increased by 45%2020 will see a total of 67 million people.
  • India is home to approximately 2 billion people. 225 MillionAccording to 2021 statistics, approximately 50,000 people use this platform every hour.

YouTube Viewership Statistics and Usage Statistics

#1. YouTube is home to over 2 billion active users per day

YouTube is visited monthly by around 2.6 billion people. YouTube’s monthly active users is expected to increase.

#2. It is visited monthly by around 14.3 billion people

YouTube has a higher number of visitors to its site than Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram.

#3. YouTube is available worldwide in 80 languages.

The platform can be accessed by all countries and all communities.

#4. YouTube is used 55% by men and 45% for women.

Statistics for 2020 show that 55% (over 18) use YouTube. 45% of women use YouTube.

#5. #5.

YouTube users are less dependent than 1%.

#6. YouTube users spend an average of 19 minutes per day.

It’s quite a large amount of time spent on any social media platform.

(Source: Alexa)

#7. YouTube is the second most visited site in the world.

YouTube is now the second most-visited site in the globe, with more 14 million visits per day. YouTube’s parent company Google is the most visited website on the planet. According to statistics YouTube is the third most searched term on Google.

#8. YouTube streams 694000 hours of video content per minute

YouTube also outsells Netflix in streaming video content.

#9. #9.

#10. #10. YouTube uploads almost 500 hours of video content every minute

YouTube hosts over 5 billion videos every day.

#11. #11. India has the largest YouTube user base, with 467 millions viewers

467 million YouTube users reside in India. With 240million reach, the US is second in YouTube usage.

Top 5 Countries Based On Youtube Audience Size

India467 Million
United States240 Million
Indonesia127 Million
Brazil107 million
Russia99 Million

(Source: Renderforest)

#12. #12.

YouTube Premium has over 1 billion users and YouTube TV 3,000,000 paid subscribers.

#13.81% of Americans who use the Internet use YouTube.

#14.YouTube has access to more than 90% Americans between the ages 30 and 49.

#15.Nearly 49% people over 65 use the platform to find jobs in the US.

#16.95% of Americans 18-29 years old use the platform in the US.

#17. 62% of YouTube users in America use Facebook on a daily basis.

#18.YouTube videos reach younger adults quicker than any television channel.

#19.The platform is used by 77% of GenZ people and 75% millennials daily.

#20. 28% of YouTube’s video content are in English

67% of YouTube’s video content is in other languages.

#21.94% of Indian YouTube users think that YouTube videos are the best way to learn.

#22.81% of American parents consider YouTube content educational and entertaining.

Most Parents Of Young Children Say Their Child Watches Videos On YouTube


#23.According to a survey, 47% of respondents said that YouTube video content helped them deal with their ongoing problems.

#24.Three times more users are likely to watch how-to videos than to read instructions on the platform.

#25. YouTube’s most viewed videos are linked to topics such as creativity, comfort, and community.

#26.Around 8% of video users spend over 15 minutes on free video streaming sites.

#27. YouTube mobile app users spend approximately 24 hours per month using it

Data shows that Android users spend 23.7 hours per month accessing YouTube via their phones.


#28. #28. #28. YouTube Shorts have exceeded 15 billion views by 2020

YouTube has brought YouTube to you ‘Shorts’This new format of videos peaks at 60 seconds in 100 nations around the globe. It was originally launched for Indian audiences, but quickly became a popular video.

#29.20% of all top YouTube search results are linked to music.

#30. 2020 statistics show that users have spent 100 Billions hours on YouTube watching gaming-related videos.

#31. #31.

It is evident that content consumption will be entirely digital.

#32. Nearly 80% American parents believe that their children are watching YouTube at the age of 11.

These parents estimate that 53% view YouTube at least once per day.

YouTube Marketing Statistics

#33. YouTube is used worldwide by approximately 55% percent of all businesses.

It is a sign of the remarkable rise of the platform all over the globe.

#34. 34.

Video marketing has gained popularity in many trades over the past decades.

YouTube Statistics For Marketers

#35. YouTube’s fourth quarter 2021 saw an estimated $8.6 billion in ad revenue.

(Source: Statista)

#36.Nearly 62% intend to increase their YouTube video ads spend in 2022.

#37.Nearly 11% of B2B marketers use the platform to advertise their content.

#38.24% of marketers are planning to use YouTube Live in their marketing plans.

#39. Expect YouTube ads to draw 84x more leads than TV ads

YouTube ads are more effective than TV ads on mobile devices.

#40.29% believe pre-roll shipping videos ads are the best form of advertising.

#41.80% prefer True View ads over regular, in-stream advertisements on YouTube.

#42. YouTube is the second most popular social network for influencer marketing

YouTube is the second most popular platform for influencer-marketing, after Instagram.

#43.Nearly 60% of these influencers are beauty bloggers. 39% of these are generated by brands.

#44.YouTube creators are 34% less likely to use the platform to endorse their brands or businesses.

#45.51% of YouTube creators use Facebook for their creativity.

#46. #46.

The data shows that 91.9% of Internet users aged 16-64 watch a specific type of online video content each week.

#47.30% of internet users watch at most one live stream per week.

#48. India has YouTube’s major advertising audience.

#49. Men in the age range of 25 to 34 years are YouTube’s biggest advertising audience.

#50.YouTube ads have the potential to reach 2.56 billion people.

#51.YouTube creators are four times as effective at increasing brand awareness than celebrities.

#52.23% claim that time is the greatest challenge for content creators on YouTube.

YouTube Search Statistics

#53. Nearly 68% of YouTube’s top search results are of HD quality with an average duration of 15 minutes

Ranking is affected by the number and quality of comments, likes, and views.

#54.20% of YouTube users leave the video after 10 seconds.

#55.BTS is accessed by over 16,000,000 users per month around the world.

#56.BTS and ASMR are the top keywords YouTube users search for around the world.

YouTube Search Statistics
 (Source: Renderforest)

#57.Baby Shark Dance by Pinkfong was the most-watched YouTube video in 2022.

#58.YouTube has received 4.5 Million searches.

#59.52% search YouTube for YouTube channels and celebrities.

YouTube Finance Statistics

#58. YouTube gives away an average of $3 to $5 per 1000 videos you view

#59.The platform charges $18 per 1000 views.

#60.YouTube has donated over $2 billion to its Content ID Partners.

#61. YouTube accounts for 11% of Google’s ad revenues.

#62.YouTube channels that generate more than $10000 annually are expected to grow by 50% year-on year.

#63.YouTube channels with more than $100000 in annual revenue are expected to grow by more than 40% each year.

#64. YouTube’s global advertising revenue has been more than $29 billion for 2021.

#65. YouTube’s ad revenue for the third quarter of 2020 has been $5.04 billion

The graph shows that the ad revenues have increased by 32% over the past year.

YouTube Channel Statistics

#67.Around 9% have their own YouTube channels.

#68.Data from 2022 show that Lego is the most popular brand channel on YouTube with 11.5 million subscribers.

#69.The number of channels with over 1,000,000 subscribers has increased by 65% each year.

#70. #70. YouTube has over 9000 partners using Content ID

Content ID allows copyright owners to categorize YouTube videos they own using a programable and scalable method. It protects copyright owners’ creative rights. It is available for network broadcasters, movie, recording and other entities.

YouTube: Some Interesting Facts

#71.Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.65billion

#72. #72.

YouTube removes videos that violate the YouTube community guidelines.

#73.The first YouTube video with over 1,000,000 views was a Nike advertisement featuring Ronaldinho, a football icon.

#74.The video is entitled ‘Me at the zoo’YouTube uploaded the first video content.

#75. ‘YouTube Rewind 2018’YouTube has 19 million dislikes. This is the most disliked YouTube video.


These are the latest YouTube statistics. They show YouTube is one of most effective social networks to promote brands and content creators. According to a recent study YouTube was able convincing 6/10 people that they would give up their TV shows. These YouTube statistics will assist traders in planning marketing strategies that get high engagement.

Which country has the most YouTube users?

India has 467 million YouTube users, making it the country with the most YouTube users.

How many YouTube users do we have in the United States of America?

The United States has 240,000,000 YouTube users

Which YouTube video is most hated?

YouTube’s YouTube Rewind 2018 video is the most disliked, with 19,000,000 dislikes.

YouTube has how many monthly active YouTube users?

YouTube has approximately 2.6 Billion monthly active YouTube users.

YouTube has how many active users per hour?

YouTube has nearly 122 million YouTube users per day.

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