25 of the best Christmas stocking fillers for kids for under £5

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CHRISTMAS shopping: What can your children get?

Sometimes, the simplest and most basic gifts are their favorite, even though they cost half as much as their main presents.

We round up some of the best kids’ stocking fillers for £5 and below

Below’s a round-up of the best children’s stocking fillers for under a fiver.

Always search the internet for the product before buying, in case it’s cheaper elsewhere.

Google Shopping is easy to use and completely free Compare prices.

Add delivery costs to the equation and the total cost could be higher. 

1. Kids walking backpack – £4.99 (Decathlon) 


You can get a walking backpack for just under £5 at Decathlon

This five-litre bag is ideal to carry for young hikers.

It is available in three colors.

You can order it online or at your home.

2. Kids mini foam basketball – £4.99 (Decathalon)

Also from Decathlon, this is designed for playing indoors


This item is also available from Decathlon. It is intended for indoor play

Designed for playing indoors with a mini basket – or if you don’t have one, just use a laundry basket.

The foam is soft, so it won’t hurt.

3. Kids crazy foaming soap – £2 (Boots.com)

Bathtime can get all the more exciting for the kids with a foaming soap


A foaming soap can make bath time more fun for children

This foaming soap can be used by children to create shapes during bathtime.

It’s mild and gentle on delicate skin and dissolves when it falls into the water.

Click and collect costs £1.50 from Boots, so better to just pop into the store and buy off the shelf, if you can.

4. Legami Christmas Panda erasable pen – £2 (Ryman.co.uk)

Fill up the stockings with a cute Christmas panda erasable pen


Stock up on cute Christmas panda erasable pens

This Christmas-themed pen comes in black thermosensitive ink and disappears when it is rubbed at one end with a plastic disc. 

The sphere won’t damage the surface if it’s rubbed, and it doesn’t wear down like regular erasers.

5. Keycraft rear view spy glasses – £5 (johnlewis.com)

The glasses will be like having eyes in the back of your head


The glasses will feel as if you have eyes in the back of your head.

These sunglasses have mirrors on the outer edges of the lenses so you can see in front as well as behind you.

It’s like having eyes in the back of your head!

They’re suitable from ages 3 to 8.

6. Kids Santa slipper socks  – £2.50 (Matalan.co.uk)

Keep the little one's feet warm with these cute Santa socks


These Santa socks are adorable and will keep your little one’s feet toasty warm.

These adorable Christmas slipper socks from Matalan will keep your feet warm and brighten up their smiles.

They’re available in sizes 6 to 8.5 infants, 9 to 12, 12.5 to 3.5, 4 and 6.5.

7. Wilko reindeer hair clips two pack – £2 (Wilko)

Get in the festive spirit with reindeer hair clips at Wilko


Wilko has reindeer clips to get you in the holiday spirit

These cute clips will give your Christmas outfit a festive finishing touch. 

Other little beauty gifts from Wilko include a penguin lip balm, £1.75, a holly-shaped mini bath bomb, £1.25, and Kandy Kitten gift set with shower gel and body lotion for £3.

Barbie is a classic gift that is enjoyed by many


Barbie is a classic gift that many people adore.

This site features stories, activities, and other information about Barbie and her bubbies.

The Match Attax Annual 2023, TikTok 2023Or Shoot: The Voice of Football Annual 2023 are also available for £5 each or two for £8.

9. PlayStation stress controller – £3.99 (Card Factory UK)

Give the stress controller to any sore losers in your life


Stress management is for all the losers of your life

A thoughtful gift for gamers.

This squishy stress reliefr is for those who have lost a match.  

Get a festive comforter for the little ones


To give your children a festive comforter,

This JoJo bunny is a sweet comforter for small children.

They can be used from birth.

11. Disney Frozen Olaf notebook – £4.99 (iwantoneofthose.com)

Frozen and Olaf fans may like this notebook


Frost and Olaf fans may love this notebook.

Are Frozen obsessions a common theme for children?

This lined notebook has 200 pages and Olaf on its front cover. This notebook makes a great gift choice for Disney movie enthusiasts.

These balls are suitable for kids aged above five years old


These balls are only for children over 5 years old

These mini moonballs bounce at an incredible height, even though they are 40% smaller than regular ones.

They are suitable for children aged 5+.

13. Gaming headset – £5 (Currys.co.uk)

This cheap gaming headset is listed for adults but it would also work for teens


This gaming headset is cheap and can be used by adults as well as teens.

An adjustable microphone headset is a great option to keep gamers happy while gaming.

It’s listed for adults but would also work for teens.

The headset can be used with Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, and Mac.

The kids can pour water over the snowman and watch him transform


Water can be used to transform the snowman into a snowman.

Once the water has been absorbed, pour water on top of the snowman. Within four hours, he will begin to bloom crystals.

This is a great activity for the children to supervise during the day. 

The site also sells Christmas gliders starting at 39p and a Christmas puzzle book beginning at 40p. Mini yoyos for Christmas start at 39p. Jigsaw puzzles begin at 39p

15. Toy Story card game – £4.99 (BargainMax.co.uk)

Toy Story fans will love this card game


Toy Story fans will love this card game

Children love Toy Story. They’ll love this game involving making sets and runs with character cards.

A set can give you the special power of a character figure.

To win the game, all three powers must be activated. 

This book is recommended to children aged 6 and over.

This fidget stick should stick on the wall if you chuck it


You can throw it, but the fidget stick should remain on the wall.

Fun fidget toys for children to stretch, squeeze and chuck at walls

The Works also has £2.50 stretchy spring dinosaurs, which can stomp down the stairs on their own. 

17.  Lol Surprise lip balm – £4 (Tesco Groceries)

This Lol Surprise toy lip balm comes with a surprise charm


Lol Surprise Toy lipbalm comes equipped with a surprise charm

This lip balm will be a hit with Lol Surprise toys lovers. You can add a surprise charm to the package.

This is currently a three-for-two Clubcard deal on selected gift sets, including a Disney frozen lip balm and ring set, £4, and Oliver Thomas bath salts bauble, £3.

18. So Slime Fidget Pop Slime toy – £4.99 (smythstoys.com)

Add a slimy twist on classic fidget toys to the stockings this Christmas


This Christmas, give a slimy twist the classic fidget toys you have in your stockings

This slimy twist on the classic fidget toy. Each ball is filled with slime that can be pressed for extra stimulation.

There are 12 different styles to collect but if you order online you can’t choose.

It is currently not available to be delivered at home.

19. Welly socks – £5 (very.co.uk)

Socks are always needed and you can get packs of two welly versions for cheap at Very.co.uk


Socks are essential and can be purchased in packs of two at Very.co.uk.

Upgrade family winter walks with these kids’ warm welly socks, available in shoe sizes 12.5 or more.

They come in two packs, with either pink or grey patterns. 

You can never have too many hats and gloves for the kids


For children, you can never have too many gloves and hats

Even if the children have hats and gloves, it’s always good to have spares for when they go missing at school.

M&M Direct are selling pink kids’ gloves and hats for £4.99 each and darker ones for £2.99 each.

They are available for children between seven and thirteen years old.

21. Wooden puzzle, £1.99. (lidl.co.uk)

Toddlers can practice their hand control and shape recognition with this Lidl puzzle


This Lidl Puzzle is a great way to teach toddlers shape recognition, hand control, and hand control.

This puzzle is ideal for young children from 1 to learn shape recognition and hand control.

You can choose between a racoon, owl, hedgehog, crocodile, ladybird, or crocodile.

Other items available in Lidl’s toy range for £1.99 include a five-piece wooden tiger puzzle, a bead maze and a wooden rattle.

22. 12 glitter gel pens – £3.99 (Amazon.co.uk)

Let the children get creative with glitter gel pens


Use glitter gel pens for children’s creativity

Galt’s scented gel pens will give sparkle to your writing or artwork.

These are suitable for children six years and older.

Amazon prices can change at anytime.

Make your own spoon fairies with a Hobbycraft set


Hobbycraft sets make it simple to create your own spoon fairies

This set allows you make your own spoon fairies. This set is great for role-playing and putting on shows for your family and friends.

Kits include mini wooden spoon bases, felt sheets, crepe paper, metallic hearts, button shapes, coloured feathers, stickers, and glue.

24. Adventure tee-shirt – £4 (very.co.uk)

The kids can never have too many pieces of clothing


There are too many clothes available for children!

Get the kids’ ready for a year of adventures with this slogan tee-shirt which says “Explore Adventure – Never Stop Discovering”. 

Available from 9-12 Months up to 6-7 Years.

25. Birds to Spot book – £3.99 (whsmith.co.uk)

The kids can learn more about nature and birds with this book


This book will help children learn more about birds and the natural world.

This Usborne minis book will show your children how to identify 60 species of birds, including nightingales and woodpeckers.

You can use stickers and a spotting chart to track birds that you spot. 

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Source: 25 of the best Christmas stocking fillers for kids for under £5

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