15 Most Tubular 90s Ninja Turtle Toys

As one of the most beloved franchises in pop culture history, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had more toy variants than you could shake a bō staff at. Here are the top 15 most popular turtle toys of the 1990s.

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The first TMNT toys were released in 1988. But most of the variants have been available since then. Action figuresThe 90s saw the release of vehicles, playsets, and vehicles. The TMNT toys range is so famous that it’s easy to mistakenly believe they inspired the show.

Anyway, this article’s all about the coolest TMNT toys to come out in the 90s. Grab a slice of pizza, and let’s get down to business.

1. Giant Turtles (1990)

What’s cooler than a giant version of your favorite toon turtles? As if they weren’t mutated enough, each giant version of the four turtles was three and a half times the size of standard action figures.

Perfect for city or sewer play, each of the 13″ Giant Turtle toys were fully poseable. Equipped with their signature weapons, they’re guaranteed to intimidate every other toy in your bedroom.

2. Mondo Gecko (1990)

Mondo Gecko was born in Hawaii in a quarterpipe. He is a thrash-metal lizard who skateboards and is close to the Turtles. Mondo Gecko’s Turbo-charged Sewer Skateboard “Mon”Ready to grind on some Foot Clan hooves and do your homework.

Mondo Gecko also included a label sheet that allowed kids to decorate their skateboards (or any other item) with some gnarly stickers.

3. Panda Khan (1990)

Kung-Fu Panda, it’s time to move on. Panda Khan (realname Li Yang), a beloved TMNT character from crossover comics, was honored with a custom action figure.

Panda Khan was able time-travel from his alien world with anthropomorphic pandas using the ancient art Ting Zing Pao to help the Turtles. With his Dragon Claw’s Sword and Fusion Blaster, it’s no surprise Shredder’s foot soldiers find him unBEARable.

4. Heavy Metal Raph (1991)

How can you make the coolest turtle even more cool? Give him a guitar!

This glam rock version of Raphael is ready to deafen Shredder’s foot soldiers with radical riffs brain-melting basslines. With his new Bass Bashin’ Guitar, this rockstar turtle has no trouble keeping the beat.

Oh, he’s also replaced his shurikens with vinyl records and now carries a pair of modified drumstick sais. The other Turtles say it’s a phase, but we think they’re just jealous.

Mutant Military Turtles, TMNT action figures from 1991

5. Mutant Military Turtles (1991).

Get ready to stand at attention and salute these green army m̶e̶n̶ turtles. With Uncle Sam on their side, these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are ready to divide and conquer Shredder’s forces like a slice of pepperoni pizza.

You’ve got Lieutenant Leo for the Army, Pro Pilot Don for the Air Force, Midshipman Mike for the Navy, and Raph, the Green Teen Beret. Each action figure came with its very own accessories and a military-themed apron. United States “Anti-Foot” flag.

6. Super Shredder (1991).

Everyone is familiar with Shredder, the antagonist of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is also known for his toxic personality. Super Shredder, the new and improved version of Shredder, is an intimidating figure. “twice the Turtle-eating turbulence”Version regular.

This particular figure was re-issued many times. An all-black edition was also available through a mail-in promo for Chef Boyardee. A version of Super Shredder was also available in Europe with purple-colored armor.

Even loose, the all black Super Shredder will set you back more than a few pizzas online. Recent eBay listings have seen it selling for anywhere from $400 to $600.

7. April, the Ninja newscaster (1992).

The Foot Clain is about to get some bad news, and April O’Neil is here to deliver it with style. April is the center of the action thanks to this action figure, who transforms her camera equipment into ninja-style weaponry.

Using her samurai-style camera and broadcastin’ bo, April’s ready to give Shredder a painful close-up he won’t soon forget. She is described as the “The One” “world’s first judo, ju jitsu jammin’ journalist, ”This Figure is undoubtedly one of the coolest TMNT toys.

8. Movie III Samurai Turtles (1992)

1992-1993 was all the TMNT craze’s third live-action movie. This movie sees the main characters travel back in history to 16th century Japan to save Princess Mitsu.

Each action figure was based upon the appearance of the Turtles in the film. These figures are quite distinct from the others. Rest of the TMNTtoy line.

Since Leonardo was always the sword guy, he’s the most period-correct of these super-sized samurai (as period-correct as a mutant turtle can be). With his giant katana and karuta-style armor, we’re glad this mean, green, fighting machine is one of the good guys.

9. Hot Spot (1993).

The Turtles were tough, but they had a lot to rely on. The fire-fighting dalmatian hot spot is their most trusted friend.

Using his Foot-fightin’ Fire Axe, Hot Spot chews through bad guys and debris with ease. Like any good dog, he’s also got a large bone between his teeth (which he won’t hesitate to use as a cudgel when bad guys get too close).

10. Scratch (1993).

Before Swiper began swiping there was Scratch, the Cat. This despicable feline is the Foot Clan’s answer to Hot Spot and comes with his swindlin’ sidekick Jail Bird along with his Bag o’ Burgled Loot, Criminal Cake Gun, and Felonious Fish Club.

Although Scratch is an unremarkable character in toy collecting, it has gained legendary status. A Scratch figure, even loose, can be found for as low as $3000 online. A sealed version can easily fetch $7000 or more.

11. Undercover Turtles (1994)

Are you looking for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)? You won’t find them here. The Undercover Turtles are perfect noir sewer sleuths thanks to their fedoras. “real fabric”Trench coats and an assortment of gadgets.

Collectors consider the Undercover Turtles to be among the most valuable toys in TMNT. As of writing, there’s a Listing for the complete setYou can buy all four sealed figures from eBay for $20,000. Wow!

12. Pizza Wars Playset (1994)

Dominos and Pizza Hut fought for Friday night dinner market share, but another pizza company was able to take control. war was secretly raging in kids’ bedrooms. The Pizza War Playset was part the mini-mutants line TMNT toys and featuredMichaelangelo and his favorite pizzeria.

This is the bodacious Battle set was packed with state-of-the-art defensive technology like a working pizza disc flinger and a marinara-sauce-covered delivery slide for gooey escapes. It was compatible with all mini-mutant action figures and the packaging encouraged children to collect them all.

Meta Mutants Ninja Turtle action figures from 1995

13. Metal Mutants (1995).

The TMNT toy line is remarkable in all the ways it made our beloved cartoon turtles even more fun. In 1995, children were introduced to Metal Mutants. This was a fusion between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and mystical spirits that gave them shiny metalized armor.

The Power Ranges were clearly an inspiration for the TMNT toys, with their animal-themed mecha armour. Toymakers had to make Shredder a Metal Mutant figure.

Metal Mutants kids got two toysIn one. You could take the armor off and fold it into its spirit animal form to fight with its wearer.

14. Coil Force Turtles (1996)

With amazing “cowa-boinga”The Coil Force Turtles could deliver real kinetic force in spring action. Anything but tightly wound, these spring-loaded heroes came ready to send Shredder’s goons spiraling out of control.

The Coil Force Turtles have the best play value and design. Collectors love these tightly wound turtles. They retail for around $150 sealed and $40 loose on Amazon.

15. Dino Turtles (1997)

Guess what, Shredder’s got his hands on some dinosaur DNA, and the turtles have been forced to mutate themselves to keep up. The Dino Turtles have some really cool mutations. Michaelangelo gets the thick horns a triceratops, and Raphael the spiky ridges a stegosaurus.

Each Dino Turtle figure came equipped with amazing prehistoric-themed accessories. Tyranno Shredder (the mutant dinosaur Shredder) is truly terrifying.

All figures had buttons on their mutated torsos that made their arms swing violently (not quite as much as the Coil Force Turtles but still pretty amazing).

Dino Turtles & Mutant Masters commercial

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