15 Best Tom Hanks Films ‘Cast Away’To ‘Toy Story’

Take a gander at the last 40 years of cinema, and you’ll find at least one universal truth: The people love Tom Hanks.

The 66-year-old actor is well-known in Hollywood and around the globe as an easy-going, friendly actor. He has a knack for creating dramatic scenes and witty comedy. Hanks’ most famous roles range from the light whimsical (see flicks like “Money Pit,” “Turner & Hooch,” “Larry Crowne”) to the darkly complex ((*() “The Green Mile,” “Charlie Wilson’s War,”). He’s also responsible for delivering lines in some of cinema’s most quotable movies, including “The Post” (“A League of Their Own”) and “There’s no crying in baseball!” (“Apollo 13”).“Houston, we have a problem”Hanks cut his teeth as a stage actor, performing Shakespeare and other plays in his hometown of Lakewood, California for much of the late ’70s. Hanks was just 24 years old when the movie slasher featured him as a flirty, running jogger.

before starring opposite Daryl Hannah in Ron Howard’s romantic comedy “He Knows You’re Alone”Four years later, it ranks No. 3 on IndieWire’s guide to the best mermaid movies).“Splash”Hanks was well known for his romcoms. He teamed up with Meg Ryan in both.

“Sleepless in Seattle”His other comedies were also well-received. “You’ve Got Mail.” becoming a franchise (to which Hanks’ voice remains essential) and “Toy Story” snagging the actor his first Oscar nomination (for his performance as a 12-year-old trapped in an adult’s body).“Big”However, Tom Hanks’ most dramatic roles are largely dramatic.

Hanks would win his second Academy Award in 1994 as Best Actor. He’d immediately follow it up with a second Best Actor win for “Philadelphia”1995. Steven Spielberg is the director. “Forrest Gump”In 1999, Hanks was also nominated. The actor topped off his turn of the century success streak with one more nomination for Robert Zemeckis’ 2000 survival epic “Saving Private Ryan,” Hanks wouldn’t be honored by the Academy again until 2020, when he played beloved children’s show host Mr. Rogers in “Cast Away.”Following Hanks’ performance in Baz Luhrmann’s “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

and ahead of the actor’s reunion with Zemeckis for the live-action “Elvis”Here are the 15 most memorable Tom Hanks movies, as viewed on Disney+ September 8. Plus: A list of his characters’ best lines from those titles.“Pinocchio”These are the ranking criteria.

Franchise is a single unit of work.‘Toy Story’Register now

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