14 Best Star Wars References & Eggs (So Far).


The Duffer brothers spoke about a possible time jump in during the fifth and final season. Stranger Things. Unless wildly drastic, this jump will likely keep the show locked in the 1980s, something it capitalizes on hugely through its aesthetic and musical choices as well as with references and easter eggs to properties booming at that time like Star Wars.

With Star Wars being such a big deal and the Stranger Things characters and creators alike loving the franchise, it is no surprise that the show is littered with easter eggs and references to the Galaxy far, far away.


Stranger Things 4 = The Empire Strikes Again

The similarities between Stranger Things 4And The Empire Strikes backThere are many to see.

The Duffer Brothers have even talked about the iconic sequel’s influence on the season (via Collider). The two are intrinsically connected, with the villain appearing to win and the hero ending up incapacitated (Max is in a coma, Han in carbonite), to the remaining heroes looking out into the distance, knowing that there is a fight ahead.

Toys on Toys


The 1980s were full iconic moments, with the original trilogy being a commercial success. Star WarsToys are a common item in this show, so it’s not surprising that there are a few.

Mike proudly displays his Yoda action figurine to Eleven during the first season. The gang also asks Eleven to levitate his figure. Millennium Falcon toy. Another great scene featuring a Star WarsToy arrives when Dustin returns from camp. His friends control his robot/droid toys. One of them is R2-D2. Star Wars’Most famous and perhaps the best droid.

Yuri’s Broken Hyperdrive

Season 4’s Russia storyline featured Yuri and his betrayal, Katinka and his plane. The latter did however have some familiar sound effects.

It is tough to notice the sounds, but when Yuri is working on his plane and smacks it to work, that sound effect – as noted by the show’s lead sound effect editor – is in the spirit of Han’s hyperdrive failure in The Empire Strikes Back (a subtle yet excellent audio reference).

Secret Russian Base with Imperial Alarms

The Star WarsFranchise is bursting at the seamsFeaturing some amazing sound effects and another one that is referenced in Stranger ThingsIs the Death Star alarm.

Season 3: The alarm at the secret Russian base sounds very similar to the Imperials’. It is a slightly different sound, but has the exact same effect. easter eggFor hardcore fans.

“More Like A Yoda.”

The similarities between Eleven users and Force users Star Wars have been pointed out a bunch, specifically through Eleven’s special powers and specific scenes involving her.

Mike even describes her as Will in a. Star WarsRefer to the end of season 1 as “being.” “More like a Yoda”She is more like a wizard. There are certain connections between her lifting the X-Wing out of the swamp in season 2 and holding her hand out for her powers.

Lucas Turned To The Dark Side

When Mike and Dustin have to ask Eddie to postpone the game of D&D due to Lucas’ basketball game, Eddie asks, “You saying Sinclair’s been taken in by the dark side?”

This is, of course, a reference to the side of the Force used by Sith and the evil Force-using characters, and ironically, on paper, outsiders would be more likely to associate it with Eddie and Hellfire Club rather than with the Hawkins basketball team.

“Never Tell Me The Odds.”

If Han Solo has a counterpart in Stranger ThingsIt is Steve Harrington. But, it is actually Steve’s best bud Dustin who quotes the iconic smuggler in season 4 of the show.

While playing Eddie’s brutal D&D campaign with Hellfire, Dustin says this iconic line after the other players tell him the odds are against him. It is a fitting nod to Han – who says the line to C-3PO just before the epic asteroid field sequence – from Dustin, who produces more references to Star Wars It is better than anyone else.

The Lando Calrissian Debacle

Many fans believe that the first season of Stranger ThingsThis scene is one of the most amazing, and Dustin, Mike and Lucas are hiding on a bus when they begin to communicate with Joyce.

In a state of paranoia, the kids wonder if the adults are being held hostage and forced to say things akin to what Lando Calrissian gets forced to do in The Empire Strikes back. The film is not just the best but also the most well-produced. Star Wars But it is the one that is most often cited by Stranger Things.

Artoo deserves more credit

Droids in Star Wars are often disrespected, with the best droids frequently saving the day, not least of all R2-D2, who is said by Mike to be as useless against Darth Vader as Lucas’ wrist rocket is against the Demogorgon.

This is not only unfair to Lucas’ wrist rocket, which did prove itself valuable, but to George Lucas’ R2-D2, who, while having no chance at causing anything but emotional damage to Darth Vader, is far from the weakest or most helpless character in the original trilogy. Throughout Star Wars, Artoo has shown his alliance and worth as one of the franchise’s underappreciated heroes.

This Classic Star Wars Line

A few of my favorite people Star Wars quotes pop up throughout the saga, and perhaps the best of the lot is “I have a bad feeling about this,”This is how it finds its way into every household. Star WarsMovie as well as Stranger Things 4.

Murray notes, as he heads back to the Russian prison in volume 2. “I don’t know Jim, I got a bad feeling about this.” There is a possibility this was accidental – Murray would genuinely have a bad feeling about a plan like that – but given the slew of other Star WarsRefer to references, this seems unlikely.


The hype about Star Wars unquestionably died down in the late ’80s as it slightly stepped back from the forefront of the pop culture conversation. However, it was still around, even having programming through children’s animation shows like Ewoks.

In season 4 of the series, this show can quickly be seen on Byers’ TV as Jonathan and Will sit watching it. This is a show that the ’80s babies are familiar with, but without Disney+, its existence may have been largely forgotten.

Steve Trying his Best

Steve and Robin are undoubtedly the best duo in the world. Stranger ThingsTheir friendship creates some amazing moments, not to mention their interview with Keith at The video store in which Steve clearly shows his strong love for Star Wars.

Steve was asked his top movies. One of them will be announced Star WarsSpecifically, “The one with the teddy bears, duh.  *attempted Ewok sounds*”Many times, the Ewoks are compared to teddy bears. It is not surprising that Steve doesn’t know their names. Dustin could have been there to roast Steve in pure disappointment.

The Hallway Scene

Here are some references Stranger ThingsThey are not spoken, but rather mirrors for what happens in the Galaxy far far away, such Sullivan and his troops entering. ‘the Nina Project.’

In its blocking, camera shots of each side and on individual soldiers’ faces, and general vibe, the scene is similar to Vader and his troopers boarding the Tantive IV (where one set of troops eliminated the other to the big bad entering in the aftermath of the death). Both are great scenes.

Iconic Friendship and Iconic Greetings

Steve and Dustin’s friendship blossomed in season 2 and further established itself as an all-time TV friendship in season 3, consistently bringing smiles to audiences right from their first moments.

Upon his return from camp, Dustin meets Robin and asks for Steve, and the two embrace in a wholly dorky but supremely wholesome handshake where they duel with fake lightsabers, sound effects and all. It is one of their most memorable scenes together and one they will cherish forever. Star WarsThe show contains references.

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