​​14 Awesome Gifts for Active Toddlers

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Toddlers are ready and willing to do some tearing! Gifts are a great way to spend the holiday season! We have some really great ideas! Toys that are truly specialFor active little minds. There are many great products for young children, ranging in age from 1 to 3. This is a period of development in which they are leaving behind their babyhood and moving into the preschool years. 

The toddler years are an era when intellectual, emotional, and social changes are all the rage. Physical activity is important as well. What does this mean? Toy kitchens, vehicles, and play sets let you pretend. Little children love exploring the world and love to explore it. “realistic”Toys can have sounds and features. These toys include tricycles and trains as well as building toys such Duplo. You can also find toys that tie-ins to these toys. A Yoto Mini mini audio speaker and a super-cool magnetic fort are sure to become holiday favorites. Scroll down for the top toddler toys 2014.


Put this new Schwinn under the tree, and watch your child’s eyes light up when Christmas arrives. This Classic Roadster, in its classic-style, has a low center of gravity. It’s perfect for learning to pedal or steer. The trike comes with a bell, handlebar, and tassel-tassels. It also has an adjustable seat that will perfectly fit. You can choose between seven colors.


The Yoto player is an amazing innovation. The audio player can be used for educational content and stories. The Yoto Mini, which is a portable version, can provide up 20 hours of playtime on a single charge. The Yoto Mini also functions as a Bluetooth speaker, OK-to-wake clock and white-noise device. Cards can be purchased separately.


This gift is ideal for children who love construction vehicles. This STEM toy excavator comes with eight parts, 11 screws and two wheels. There is even a small figure that can drive the truck. Note: It’s not recommended for children under 3 years old due to the small parts.


This wooden play kitchen is a great gift for toddlers. There are 22 pieces of food, accessories and play food that children can use to make their own delicious meals. The display shelves show the baked goods while the insert has a chalkboard to write the daily specials. A “working”The ice machine, clicking knobs, as well as other features, make it more fun. Parents won’t be frustrated by hours spent building EZ Kraft Assembly.


This set goes far beyond basic wooden train tracks. The clever bucket holds all the tracks, passengers, accessories, vehicles, and other items. It becomes part of the play. You can ride around with buses, taxis and fire trucks as well as flatbed trucks, flatbed trucks, taxis, flatbed trucks, and other vehicles. There are 80 pieces to keep your little conductor busy.


This silly pineapple is a great toy. While playing with this toy, toddlers can also learn social-emotional skills. 26 face pieces can be used for different facial expressions. They can be stored in the fruit. This set allows toddlers the opportunity to recognize and explore emotions from smiles to heart eyes. Additional bonus: The set includes a guide to emotions.


CoComelon is a Netflix series and YouTube video that stars JJ the cartoon baby. Your toddler will love their JJ doll. This adorable guy comes with four interactive buttons as well as over 50 songs, phrases, and words that teach numbers and letters. Ideal for 18 months and more


This set makes a great present for a toddler who enjoys to build and drive. Kids can build a firetruck using 21 pieces of Duplo bricks. You can rescue the cat from the tree by using the included firefighter figure. To lure her down, there’s even a small box of cat food. Recommended for children aged 2 and older


This adorable crocodile puppet is perfect for toddlers. It comes with a built-in stomach bag so that the croc can eat small items, making them disappear. Be prepared a lot You will have lots of fun. You can even buy a DVD to take the entertainment to the next level. One or two additional puppetsTogether with Haba’s popular doorway puppet theater.


Smartwatches, which are popular adult items that toddlers might like, can now be theirs. This simple-to-use watch comes with games and reminders for kids. The watch also comes with a virtual pet that you can take care of. Ideal for children from 3 to 8 years old.


It’s a fact that kids love to build forts. This 12-piece padded set is sure to be a holiday favorite. The A1 set features large pieces with axial magnets. This makes fort building even more fun. You can make whatever you want with this slide, maze, house, couch or couch. It’s waterproof and washable.


This racetrack is suitable to toddlers and can accommodate three vehicles. Two Wheelies cars are included. There are many exciting stunts. There are many options, including a 360-degree loop, a ramp with a large ring, and a stunt ramp that has a wheel and a wheel. “fire.”There are more than 50 sounds that can be added to the entertainment. A car wash is available. Ideal for toddlers from 18 months to adult.


Osmo, a tablet-based toy brand, is an award-winning brand. The Little Genius Starter Kit iPad includes four educational games. This kit is also available on Amazon Fire tablet. Wi-Fi is not required. An iPad is required. You will need an iPad to use the program. It will teach children phonics and predrawing skills as well as exploring colors, problem solving skills, and how social-emotional cues can be identified. Recommended for children from 3 to 8 years old


Little Tikes’ Cozy Train Scoot is sure to delight toddlers because they can ride on the engine around the tracks. After assembling the eight pieces, toddlers can ride on the train and push the pedal or scoot the ride-on. Children between the ages of 1 and 4 should use this train. It can also serve as a push toy, which is great for little walkers. Under the seat, you’ll find a place to store your favorite snacks. 

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​​14 Awesome Gifts for Active Toddlers

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