13 Best Minecraft Toys of 2022 — Minecraft Gifts for Kids

Popular Mechanics; Courtesy Mattel

Minecraft may not look like much to outsiders thanks to its simplistic, blocky graphics, but it’s hard to overstate the beloved sandbox game’s popularity. Ranked the best-selling video game of all time, it’s sold over 238 million copies across PC, mobile, and console platforms—a success built on its boundless capacity for creativity.

Within the world of Minecraft, you can choose to have just about any experience you’d like, depending on game mode. You can battle computer-generated mobs or explore aimlessly. Or, you can build your own world using a dynamically generated map. This open-ended approach has generated a huge fandom. Many IRL toys, accessories and games bring Minecraft’s most memorable features to life 3D.

The Best Minecraft Toys

What to Consider

Given the game’s unprecedented popularity, it’s no surprise that there’s so much Minecraft merch to choose from: building sets, games, mining toys, craft, and puzzles, to name a few. Each draws on a different facet of the video game, so before you buy, you’ll want to think of which aspect excites you most. Minecraft also appeals to a broad audience that includes elementary-aged kids and adults alike—meaning you’ll want to consider which toys are age-appropriate for the recipient.

How do we choose?

We searched for toys, and accessories that were inspired from Minecraft. The reviewers praised all of the toys and accessories for their unique design, innovative features and high quality.

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13 Best Minecraft Toys of 2022 — Minecraft Gifts for Kids

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