13 Best Animated Movie Villains in the 2010s

Disney has been the king and queen of great animated villains for a long time. Many iconic animated villains have been created by Disney, including Scar, Jafar, Scar, Scar, and Scar. New villains have been created as more animation studios (from DreamWorks, Sony, Illumination) emerge as potential competitors.

Many animated movies were released in 2010, many of which featured great villains. Some are complex characters that we can sympathize and others are pure evil. These are the top 13 animated movie villains of 2010.

Vector (Despicable Me).

Gru (Steve Carell) could be referred to as a villain, considering he aspires to be the greatest one, he really isn’t a bad guy. He’s our protagonist and chooses goodness over evil. Vector (Vector’s rival) is not our protagonist.Jason Segel). Vector clearly tries to be evil as much as possible and doesn’t care who is in his way. While he may not seem like the most intimidating foe, his technological prowess and wealth make him a formidable threat for Gru.

His design is rather simple; however, Vector’s orange jumpsuit, large glasses, and bowl haircut seem to have struck a chord with people as his look has become somewhat iconic within pop culture. Vector’s witty sense of humor, such as the way he shouts out his name in triumph, may be another reason why he is so popular. The Despicable Me franchise has plenty of villains to choose from, but Vector is still Gru’s best rival.

Hans (Frozen)

Image via Disney

Hans (Santino FontanaThis is the perfect example of why it’s a good idea to be cautious about entering into a committed relationship. In Frozen, Anna (Kristen Bell) becomes too trusting of this handsome jerk, blinded by her love and desire to get out of the house (or castle). He is very friendly until Anna needs him. Then he shows his true colors. Hans used her because of his desire to control Arendelle.

Hans is the youngest child of thirteen. He wants to escape his family and become a king. His plan is foiled by his manipulative and murderous nature. He convinces Anna and Arendelle that he is a decent man by his charisma. It isn’t true. He also tried to kill Elsa, and Anna was left for dead.Idina MenzelAnna saves Anna. Although he may be handsome, you shouldn’t trust anyone with a pretty face.

Drago Bludvist, How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Image via DreamWorks

The first How to train your dragon didn’t really have a villain, besides a giant boss dragon. The sequel features a terrifying foe that can harness the power of the alphas to control dragons. Toothless puts Hiccup in a trance and even gets him to turn against him. BludvistDjimon HounsouHe lost his family and village to the dragon attack as a young boy. He took revenge and built an army dragons, whose incredible power he used for conquering the entire world. Hiccup and Hiccup were able to form a bond that is now a family.Jay Baruchel) and Toothless is so strong that it is able to break the alpha’s control and turn the army against Bludvist.

Bludvist is a marvellous designer. Bludvist, while only human, has a large, intimidating figure and strong metal arm. Hounsou’s gruff and coarse voice adds to this character’s brutality. The How To Train Your Dragon films are charming but also feature terrifying foes.

Yokai (Big Hero 6)

Image via Disney

Yokai is a great villain. A superhero needs one. Big Hero 6. Yokai is a creepy antagonist who hides behind a black trenchcoat with a Japanese kabuki face. Under the mask lies a tragic story about a man driven to revenge. Robert Callaghan is Yokai (James Cromwell), a robotics professor at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Callaghan is obsessed with getting revenge on the people who caused his daughter’s death in an experiment that went wrong. Once Hiro Hamada (Ryan PotterCallaghan introduces his microbots. He fakes his death by blowing down the school and stealing the microbots which he uses to his evil ends. Hiro’s younger brother was killed in the blast, which shows how reckless the professor has become.

Yokai is a complex villain. Although his motives are logical, Yokai’s methods of achieving them are not. His connection with Hiro gives the antagonist and hero an emotionally-investing dramatic connection. The twist is obvious because Callaghan never actually does die, but Yokai remains a villain we can relate with, even if our opinions differ with his actions.

Shen (Kung Fu Panda 2)

Image via Paramount Pictures

Who would have thought that a peacock could speak by? Gary OldmanCould it be so intimidating Po is the perfect foe in ShenJack Black) in Kung Fu Panda 2. He is quick and agile making him difficult to defend. On a mental level, his attachment to Po’s past gives Po an emotional challenge that he has to overcome as well. Oldman’s voice gives Shen a menacing tone while also being able to squeeze in some humor here and there. However, Shen’s desire to change his fate ultimately leads to it becoming true. His attempt to escape the prophecy of his defeat by destroying Po’s village is what leads to his destiny becoming inevitable. He is a devious and greedy peacock, which leads to moral corruption. Po can however skadoosh to his way into oblivion.

Joker (The Lego Batman Movie).

Image via Warner Bros.

The classic is still a great choice, but it’s not the most frightening. Batman villain, The Lego Batman Movie‘s version of the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) is actually a very accurate representation of the relationship between Batman (Will Arnett) and the Joker. Joker hates to be ignored but loves to be hated. Batman’Joker snaps because of his indifference. His desire for Gotham to be taken over is partly due both to his chaotic nature and his anger at Batman.

Joker then recruits Batman’s other villains along with other movie villains (owned Warner Bros.). The goal is defeat Batman and wipeout Gotham. Batman eventually admits to Joker that he is in need of him. The two of them work together in fixing Gotham. This Joker isn’t as comic-book-accurate. Mark Hamill’s Joker, but this is an excellent interpretation of Batman and Joker’s need for one another.

Lord Business (The Lego Movie).

Image via Warner Bros.

Let’s move on to the other Lego villain on this list. Lord Business (Will Ferrell) is a creativity-hating businessman whose sole purpose is to turn the Lego world into an authoritarian world where no one is allowed to move or build anything new. Ferrell does a wonderful job portraying a funny and devious villain. Lord Business is more than just a bad guy. Finn sees Lord Business as an imagined villain.Jadon SandEmmet is represented by Emmet (the human kid playing with these toys).Chris PrattThe story is titled ( Lord Business is his father. He has the same desire for creativity and to glue everything together. The Lego MovieThis story requires imagination and Lord Business is more complex than the human version.

Raiden (Kubo & the Two Strings).

Image via Focus Features

Raiden (Ralph Fiennes), the moon king, doesn’t appear until the climax of the film, but his presence is felt throughout. Since he is the ruler of the night, it’s impossible to know where he is, which is why his daughters are always on the trail of our heroes. He is a violent, wicked character who doesn’t care about his grandchildren or daughters. He does not just try to blind Kubo.Art Parkinson) but to kill his own daughter.

Fiennes always does a great job with villains and it’s no different here. Plus, Raiden’s Dragon-like appearance in the climax is truly haunting. It’s amazing that he’s created through stop-motion animation, and the animators should be commemorated for the brilliant work they do throughout Kubo and The Two Strings.

King Candy (Wreck It Ralph)

King Candy (Alan Tudyk() Wreck-It RalphThis is a quirky, silly villain that is difficult to judge until the end. King Candy was secretly Turbo, and jumped to Sugar Rush to achieve greatness. However, Vanellope (Sarah SilvermanWhen he gets in his way, he transforms her into an implacable glitch who is forbidden from racing.

Tudyk is a master of voice work and sounds almost like the Mad Hatter.Ed Wynn) from Alice in WonderlandBut he is still capable of causing some danger. King Candy’s merging of with a CyBug makes him a terrifying monster. The twist of him being Turbo is surprising and amps up the stakes in the third act; he may seem innocent at first, but he’s more powerful than he seems.

Ernesto de la Cruz (Coco)

Image via Disney

Ernesto (Benjamin Bratt) from CocoPixar’s most violent villain. Hector was not only killed, but he also killed his wife.Gael García BernalMiguel tried to kill him, but he was still alive.Anthony Gonzalez)It’s also possible to die. Ernesto set out in his life to be a successful person and lost all his integrity. Ernesto is a talented musician but all his songs are borrowed from another source. He stole all the credit.

Ernesto is charismatic and was capable of convincing the public that he is a talented musician. His version of “Remember Me” was basically an ode to his greatness, despite that not being the song’s intentions. Ernesto made it a song about vanity, and Hector wrote it to his daughter. This film ends Ernesto’s life, and his legacy is destroyed just as an iron bell crushed him.

Kingpin (Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse: Kingpin)

Columbia Pictures Image

Kingpin (Liev Schreiber) is much more than just a crime lord in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Kingpin is devastated by the loss of his family, and is determined get them back. However, through accessing the multiverse, he almost destroys everything, including this universe’s version of Peter Parker (Chris Pine), an accomplishment no other film Spider-ManHe has done. His family began to fear him when they learned the truth about his evil actions. He continues on this dark path.

The animators made him look almost like a head-on-a-black-blob. It may make him look silly, but it gives Miles Morales a larger-than life stature.Shameik Moore) an incredibly difficult challenge. Prowler is just one of the great villains in the film.Mahershala Ali) and Olivia Octavius (Kathryn HahnKingpin is the most intimidating and complex of the three.

Mother Gothel (Tangled).

Image via Disney

In TangledMother Gothel (Donna Murphy) is a witch who discovered Rapunzel’s (Mandy Moore) hair had a magical power that could keep her young. Gothel, obsessed with Rapunzel’s youth and beauty, kidnapped her and kept the tower for as long she could. Gothel manages to convince Rapunzel that everyone on the outside is evil and she only wants to keep her safe; however, Rapunzel’s curiosity gets the better of her and leads to her finally escaping. Gothel’s unpredictable nature can make her intimidating. One second, she’s a loving figure towards Rapunzel; the next, she becomes incredibly wicked and cruel. Murphy does an excellent job portraying Gothel. She is a character that changes her tones often. Gothel is beautiful and warm from the outside, but she is cold, ruthless and miserable inside. She is a singer with a great voice.

Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear (Toy Story 3)

The second time we meet Lotso, it’s the first.Ned Beatty) in Toy Story 3, it seems like something’s off. Yes, he likes to give hugs, has a charming southern accent, and smells like strawberries, but he’s a little bit too nice. Turns out, he’s a total dictator who has full control over the toys at Sunnyside Daycare. If you comply with the rules, then he’s perfectly nice. If you rebel against him and his little henchman, you will be locked up.

Lotso is a great villain because it’s easy to see why he’d be so harsh. He was replaced by his original owner. He believed toys were not meant for love, but to be used and thrown away. This is in conflict with Woody (Tom HanksAndy’s loyal gang members. Lotso even gets the chance to return to his roots but refuses to take the incinerator stopper. Now, Lotso has to be strapped in a truck so he can travel to unknown places.


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